• benefits of olympic weightlifting

The Benefits Of Olympic Weightlifting


Olympic Weightlifting has been a feature of every Olympic game since 1920. It was first introduced in the year 1896 and reappeared again in 1904, as far the Olympic games are concerned. The fact that is has been an Olympic regular speaks volumes about its effectiveness and popularity and for good reason. It is also referred to as "Olympic-style weightlifting" or simply "weightlifting" in different parts of the world. It is a sport that requires the athlete to lift a barbell from the floor into an overhead position. The movement is done as an explosive motion, and the barbells are [...]

  • hip flexors

Hip Flexors


Many instructional workout videos refer to the term "hip flexors". It creeps into the workout and even into the precautionary statements. But what's all the fuss about this particular muscle group? Why are they more important, than many other muscle groups? What causes hip flexor strains? And finally, what are the best exercises or stretches to work the hip flexors? This muscle group is given a lot of importance because they have a part in many activities involving lifting the leg off the ground. With that being said, the simple act of walking, that many of us take for granted, [...]

  • reverse hyper

Reverse Hyperextension Alternatives


Reverse hyperextensions have long been a very effective exercise that strengthens the posterior chain including the glutes and hamstrings. Although conventionally, this accessory movement is performed on a reverse hyperextension machine, there are many ways this can be performed without a specific one. The importance of this exercise lies in the fact that it trains and strengthens muscle groups that otherwise left ignored. Specifically, this movement targets the glutes, the hamstrings, and also the spinal erectors.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Anna Patrzek (@notonlyprettyface) on Jul 11, 2019 at 3:56am PDT While performing reverse hypers, [...]

  • do ab belts work?

Do Ab Belts Work?


Do ab stimulators really work? There is growing anxiety among people to get into the perfect shape. We all want to look good (with perfect abs) on the beach, have stronger core muscles or have our eyes on that one dress or shirt we want to fit better into. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time and dedication it takes to commit to a gym or a strict diet. It is, thus, that the interest in electrical muscle stimulation devices especially increases during this season. While some people see these popular ab toning belts as magical devices helping to [...]

  • reverse hypers

Reverse Hyper

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Reverse hyperextension exercises require you to lie face down with your legs hanging and then raise your legs until they’re parallel with the floor and bringing them back down in a controlled manner. It’s meant to strengthen the posterior chain as well as the glutes. It’s used frequently in training to help with lower back pain as well as other lower body issues. While some think that hyperextension exercises do more harm than good, there are still trainers and athletes that credit these movements with their lower body strength. If you’re looking for a way to improve your back health [...]

  • sixpack abs

How To Get Shredded Abs


Many people don't succeed with getting a shredded six pack because they miss some of the essential things required to do so. Here we cover what they are.

  • ripped abs

Keep Your Six Pack While Bulking


It can be a difficult task to maintain a low body fat while building muscle. But with these key steps, you can minimize your fat increase while increasing muscle mass.

  • crunches

Best Ab Exercises


Crunches and sit-ups aren't the only way get a six pack. In the article, we go over some great (and more useful) alternative exercises to improve your abs.

  • bread

Food To Get Ripped


There are many food that you should stay away from to have great abs and there are some that you should consume. In this article, we cover what those foods are.

  • workout sandbag

Workout Sandbag Training Benefits


If you’re a fitness enthusiast you know that strength training is crucial for your overall goals when done along with your normal cardio. Free weights and weight machines work great, but if you’re growing tired of the typical workouts, try something different.

  • ripped abs

Benefits Of Ab Belts


The Benefits Of Using An Electronic Ab Belt Toned abs are probably on everyone’s wish list as they aim to get into shape. It takes a lot of work and core training to tighten the muscles and get that six-pack. However, there are electronic ab belts on the market that claim to help tone your abs simply by wearing them. According to the countless infomercials, the claims are that these belts can strengthen your abdominal muscles without one sit-up or any other type of exercise. For this reason, they’re obviously popular among people looking to get toned without a lot [...]

  • bowflex workout

Full Body Bowflex Workout Routine


This is a workout routine for Bowflex machines users that will help you get into great shape and move you towards your fitness goals. It is great for those who currently have a Bowflex machine and is split into 2 separate workouts to be performed on different days. We recommend that this workout is performed once a week with a maximum of 14 reps for each exercise. For the abdominals, 30 reps are recommended. It is recommended that each exercise is performed with the maximum weight that you can achieve the prescribed number of repetitions with. Day 1 - Upper [...]

  • hip belt squat box

Hip Belt Squats

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Many people overlook the hip belt squat. But many serious lifters have been utilising this exercise a for a long time as a great alternative to the squat. Plus, it has many advantages over the full squat.

  • best dipping belt

10 Reasons To Use A Dipping Belt


10 Reasons To Use A Dipping Belt 1. Great for the triceps Tricep dips with a weighted dip belt will hit the triceps in a hard way. A greater amount of pressure is put on the triceps during dips even more than when performing bench press.  Plus, depending on how you angle your body and the width of your grip can also determine which areas of the body receives the most stress and how much stress those parts.   2. Tricep dip speed A seasoned dipper will know that using speed is great when performing dips. By using an explosive movement you [...]

  • Improve your deadlifts

Increase Your Deadlift Max


Increase Your Deadlift Max Usually if you bend your body during the middle of an exercise, it can mean that your lifting too much weight. However, with deadlifts this can give you a new maximum lift. If you train yourself to almost fall backwards when performing a lift, you can position your body to produce more power for your lift. Many professional lifters use this technique to hit and exceed their maximum lift weight. The Technique You should stand with the bar at your feet in the same kind of position as you would perform a jump you should keep your back in [...]

  • reasons to squat

Good Reasons To Squat


Good Reasons To Squat Injury prevention When it comes to sport, the majority of injuries are caused by weak ligaments, connective tissue or stabilisation muscles. Improving the muscles around the knees and hips is a quick way to greatly reduce the chance of injury when performing almost any other activity such as jumping or running. Squats help to strengthen all of these as well as improving your flexibility and balance. This improvement takes place when you move your body through the full motion range required for a squat. So at the very least, you should be falling over less if [...]

  • deadlift with a gym belt

Having Trouble With Your Belt During Deadlifts?


Having Trouble With You Belt During Deadlifts? There are many different ideas about regarding how you should wear a belt for deadlifts. If you are a big guy then the best way to wear your weight belt is usually the same way as squats. For the more average guys and conventional lifters, it can be quite common for your belts to jam in to your legs at the bottom of the left which will make it pretty difficult to get your back set up before the pull. The bigger your belly is, the harder it is to set up the [...]