Top Gym Bags For Women

Having all of your fitness essentials in one place makes heading to the gym and sticking to an exercise routine that much easier. Instead of rushing home to change your clothes and shoes, grab towels, your water bottle, equipment, and anything else you need to take with you, you can have all of that in one place and carry it around with you.

All you need is the right gym bag that will fit everything, be easy to carry, and of course, look great. To help you find the best gym bag, the top 10 gym bags for women were compiled and analyzed here in a convenient guide.

To help jumpstart your search for the perfect gym bag, the top 10 gym bags geared toward women were analyzed based on their descriptions and specifications as well as customer reviews. You can choose one of these or use the analyses to continue your search and find something more suitable.

Top 10 Gym Bags

 Rating  Review
Adidas Diablo
4.9 out of 5 stars
Adidas DiabloClick For Converse Adidas Diablo PriceExtremely portable and available in a very wide range of colors.
Vooray Burner
4.8 out of 5 stars
Vooray BurnerClick For Vooray Burner PriceA bag with an interesting appearance and available with different designs.
Adidas Studio Duffel
4.7 out of 5 stars
Adidas Studio DuffelClick For Adidas Studio Duffel PriceAvailable in a few different styles, this bag has a lot of storage.
Gaiam Yoga Tote
4.5 out of 5 stars
Gaiam Yoga ToteClick For Gaiam Yoga Tote PricePerfect for carrying a yoga mat and other essentials.
Under Armour Undeniable
4.4 out of 5 stars
Under Armour Undeniable Click For Under Armour Undeniable PriceSturdy and strong, it's great value.
Adidas Squad Tote
4.3 out of 5 stars
Adidas Squad ToteClick For Adidas Squad Tote PriceA smaller option for those who need less space.
Nike Gym Club Bag
4.3 out of 5 stars
Nike Gym Club BagClick For Nike Gym Club Bag PriceA classic bag available in a couple of interesting styles and colors.
Jadyn B Barrel
4.3 out of 5 stars
Jadyn B BarrelClick For Jadyn B Barrel PriceDifferent to the standard gym bag but still does the job well.
Adidas Daybreak
4.3 out of 5 stars
Adidas DaybreakClick For Adidas Daybreak PriceA backpack that you can use every day.
Nike Heritage
4.3 out of 5 stars
Nike HeritageClick For Nike Heritage PriceSmaller and lightweight. Perfect for carrying just the essentials.

#1 – Adidas DiabloAdidas Diablo

From one of the top brands in the fitness industry, the Adidas Diablo gym bag is a polyester carry-all featuring an adjustable shoulder or cross body strap as well as webbed handles, and a zippered main compartment wide enough for hassle-free packing and unpacking. The exterior features the brand logo prominently on one side and comes in a wide variety of colors to fit any style. There is also a lifetime warranty included with the bag so you are safeguarded against quality issues like broken zippers.

The polyester is not only easy to clean and durable but it is also more breathable than other materials so it won’t hold smelly gym odors as much as other bags. More so, if your water spills the bag won’t be ruined. If you don’t go to the gym but instead are involved in a sport or you have a child who has extracurricular activities, this is durable enough to haul to and from practice.

Before deciding on this bag, consider the pros and cons:


  • Can be used for travel and camping, too
  • Big enough to fit sports equipment
  • More affordable than other bags
  • Small enough to fit in a standard gym locker


  • No small compartments for personal effects
  • Some complaints about the seams tearing

#2 – Vooray Burner 16″ Compact Gym BagVooray Burner

This small gym bag is made of water-resistant nylon and features different stylish fashion patterns and colors including beautiful floral patterns, making it suitable for working out or even taking to the office. It features a separate shoe compartment as well as a media pocket to hold your phone. The shoe compartment is ventilated to prevent odors from building up in the bag while the media pocket is faux fur-lined to protect your breakable items.

The bag also features magnetic leather handles to make carrying it easier but it also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap if you prefer to sling it over your shoulder. The handle has minimal padding for comfort but the shoulder strap has no padding so if your bag is too heavy it may dig into your shoulder and be uncomfortable.

After trying out this bag, some pros and cons came up frequently enough to note:


  • Comes in seven different style options
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Good side pouch for water bottle


  • More expensive than other bags
  • Shoe compartment makes the main part of bag smaller
  • No protective feet on the bottom of the bag

#3 – Adidas Studio Duffel BagAdidas Studio

This medium sized gym bag by Adidas is about 4-inches high and 16-inches wide with a separate ventilated shoe compartment that can be used for your gym shoes or for any dirty gear you want to keep apart from the rest of your belongings. It’s made of polyester that is hand washable for easy cleanups. It features a detachable shoulder strap making it a great shoulder bag as well as having webbing haul handles. More so, the haul handle is long so if you have a yoga mat you can tuck it into the handle for convenient carrying. The exterior is rounded off with a small Adidas logo front and center.

As for the interior, it has a large main compartment that opens wide for easy packing and unpacking that also has interior pockets for better organization. There is a front exterior zip pocket that is lined to protect your phone or a tablet too and it is suitable for a long weekend away.

Some of the pros and cons are:


  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Structured and sturdy so it sits high making it easy to pack
  • Roomier than similar sized bags


  • Reports of the zipper breaking
  • Some complaints about seams opening

#4 – Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote BagsGaiam Yoga Bag

This cotton bag with a fully lined nylon interior features an embroidered floral mandala design or an embroidered tree of life design perfect for yoga enthusiasts. It’s a wide bag made to fit standard 24-inch wide yoga mats and features zippered exterior pockets as well as zippered inside pockets to fit all of your essentials. Unlike other gym bags, it has a magnetic closure instead of a zipper for easy access.


  • More affordable option
  • Made specifically for yoga enthusiasts


  • Difficult to get yoga mat in and out of the bag
  • Doesn’t fit much once a yoga mat is inside
  • Complaints about quality of the material

#5 – Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 GymUnder Armour Duffle

Known for their health & fitness equipment, Under Armour created this duffle bag with their patented technology to make a product that can withstand the elements as well as normal wear and tear. The exterior is water-resistant while the bottom and side panels are abrasion-resistant, too.

The bag features a large zippered pocket on the front as well as a vented pocket for your running shoes or used gear. There is also a mesh pocket as well as another zip pocket to help keep your things organized. The shoulder strap and the handles are both padded for extra comfort, too.  This is available in black as well as an assortment of other colors.

Before deciding on this bag, consider some of the pros and cons as outlined below:


  • Fits more than just the essentials
  • Lightweight despite the larger size


  • Complaints about the shoe compartment being too small
  • Overall issues with the quality being below par

#6 – Adidas Squad III Tote BagAdidas Squad

Another bag made by Adidas, this one is made of polyester and features shorter shoulder straps instead of an adjustable strap. It’s long enough to sling over your shoulder but not long enough to be worn across your body—it’s closer to a purse in structure than a typical gym bag. It’s the right shape for carrying a laptop. There is a main zippered compartment that has multiple mesh open and zippered pockets inside for better organization as well as an external zippered pocket.

The exterior of this gym bag is hand washable and easy to wipe clean. The straps aren’t padded but are made of soft webbing that makes them comfortable. It’s durable and should stand up to normal use. That being said, it’s smaller than the average gym bag and will only hold about 30 pounds worth of weight.

Consider the pros and cons of this gym bag so you can make a more informed purchase decision:


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Can fit a pair of women’s shoes


  • Straps are too short for some
  • Uncomfortable to carry
  • Could be roomier to fit more

#7 – NIKE Women’s Gym Club BagNike Womens Club

Nike is one of the top fitness brands in the world known for its high-quality products and trustworthy reputation. The women’s Gym Club bag features a double-zippered compartment that can fit large items as well as small pockets to hold personal effects such as fat burning supplements. It has two carrying handles as well as an adjustable shoulder strap to carry the bag comfortably.

Unlike some other options, this bag is water-repellant and easy to spot clean. It’s but 100% waterproof but it is water-repellant, so the water actually beads up and rolls off the bag instead of seeping into the fabric and getting your gear wet. It’s large enough to carry clothes, shoes, toiletries, fitness equipment, and your personal items easily. The bag itself is lightweight, too, so it doesn’t add unnecessary weight when full. Still, it’s less bulky than the Nike gym bags geared toward men.

Some of the pros and cons are:


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Spacious yet more compact than other bags


  • Colors don’t always match the pictures
  • Strap is uncomfortable for some

#8 – Jadyn B 19″ Barrel Women’s Duffel BagJadyn B Barrel

This one looks like it should be carrying makeup or beauty supplies rather than sweaty gym gear! Made to be durable and functional as well as fashionable the Jadyn B barrel duffel bag is available in different feminine patterns and colors and features a 13-inch shoulder drop so it can be carried like a tote. To make the bag easier to carry, it features an adjustable shoulder strap. The exterior is easy to hand wash when necessary but it can also be machine washed on cold and then hung out to dry to maintain its shape.

As for the interior, it features a main dual-zippered compartment that is roomy enough to fit everything you’d normally carry to the gym. There are also inner pockets for personal effects and toiletries as well as an open exterior pocket for things you’d want to quickly get to like a gym membership card.

Some of the notable pros and cons mentioned are:


  • More aesthetically pleasing than other gym bags
  • Can be used for overnight travel and as a carry-on


  • Things can fall out of the exterior open pocket
  • Reports about the zipper breaking easily

#9 – Adidas Daybreak II BackpackAdidas Daybreak

This gym bag is not the standard over-the-shoulder gym bag. Instead, it’s a backpack. While it resembles a school bag it’s much stronger and can withstand frequent use as well as heavier loads. It’s made of polyester which is not only durable but also easy to spot clean with a damp cloth.

Since this bag can also be used for school or work, it has some unique features. This includes the padded computer pocket and padded back panel. This keeps your belonging inside safe if your bag is jostled around as you commute or as you stuff it into a locker. The shoulder straps are also padded so they won’t dig into you as you wear it.

The interior has a main compartment for your larger items as well as interior pockets (including a mesh pocket) for smaller items. As an added bonus, there is a hidden zipper-closed and tricot-lined pocket for your valuables.


  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Classic three-stripe design on sides
  • Available in four different colors


  • Not as big as standard over-the-shoulder gym bags
  • No designated pocket for a water bottle

#10 – NIKE Heritage Gym SackNike Heritage

This is a smaller sack-style bag meant to be carried like a backpack; it’s not the typical gym bag. It’s made of nylon and polyester and features a drawstring closure instead of a zipper or magnetic closure. This provides easy access as well as basic security and protection from the elements. There is also a zippered pocket on the side that you can use to secure some of your more valuable items.

It’s easy to wash and when it’s not in use can fold up easily to be stored away. Since it’s smaller than typical gym bags it fits into gym lockers without an issue and is also easier to carry around if you commute on public transportation. Besides using it for the gym this can be used for school, too. It’s worth noting that this sack won’t be able to handle heavy loads like hand weights or similar items since it’s not as strong as reinforced gym bags or backpacks. The straps are drawstring ropes, too, so there is no padding in them. This can make it uncomfortable to carry if you do pack a lot into it.

Before deciding on this gym bag, consider some of the pros and cons:


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quality materials made by a trusted brand


  • No padding to protect items
  • Main compartment has no zipper closure
  • Slightly expensive for the casual style
  • Strings are too long for some

Features to Consider when Comparing Gym Bags

Whenever you’re shopping for something, especially online, you’re presented with so many options that the whole process can go from enjoyable to overwhelming before you know it. Figuring out which gym bags are better than the others and which one fits your needs the best may not be easy at first glance but by looking for certain features and comparing your options based on those features, you can weed through the endless choices and find the perfect gym bag for you and your fitness routine.

Materials and Durability

You want to get a gym bag that will function for a long time despite frequent use and carrying heavy and smelly equipment. You want your bag to be durable, easy to clean, and breathable so it won’t hold odors from your gym clothes, sneakers, and equipment.

bag on floor

Here, it’s best to choose a gym bag that’s made of canvas, nylon, polyester or some combination of those. These are strong materials that will last you a long time even when you use them often. They’re also easy materials to clean and won’t hold odors like other materials since these are more breathable than other fabrics.

Size and Design

Think about what you usually take with you to the gym and pick a bag that will fit all of your essentials. For example, if you carry gym shoes with you, you’ll need to buy a bag big enough to fit them. Consider having room for clothes, towels, a water bottle, and other things you take with you. If you go to the gym in your workout clothes and only need to take your personal effects and a water bottle, you can pick a smaller bag.

If you do a specific activity that requires you to carry your own equipment, you’ll need to take that into consideration, too. For example, if you take yoga classes, you’ll likely carry your own yoga mat. If you don’t want to carry the mat or carry a separate bag or holder for it, consider buying a larger gym bag that can comfortably fit the mat as well as your other things. You may even be able to find a bag that has a specific accessory to strap your yoga mat to the bag. Overall, just think about your personal activities and make sure you get a big enough bag to meet those needs.

Next, look for a design and style that you like. Even though this is only a gym bag and not a purse, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style by carrying around an ugly bag. Most bags come in a variety of colors and some even have nice feminine designs like floral prints on them so you’re sure to find something that fits your aesthetic.

Number of Compartments

Gym bags should have enough space for all of your fitness equipment but it should also have compartments to keep things separated. This will help you find things easier and help keep things like your phone and wallet away from your water bottle or hard equipment like hand weights or your gym shoes that could potentially damage them.

Specifically, if you change out of your workout gear at the gym and need to carry it home, you may want to look for a bag that has large mesh or ventilated pockets. This will allow more air flow into that specific compartment so odors won’t build up in the material of the bag. Similarly, if you’re looking to carry shoes in your gym bag, you may want to choose a bag with a separate shoe compartment. These are usually ventilated in some way to prevent odors, too.  If you’re not sure what you need in your gym bag. Check out the video below:

You should also consider how the bag closes. Zippered compartments are the most secure but there are also dual-zippered compartments where you can (if you feel it’s necessary) put a small lock across the zippers to keep other people from opening your bag. There are also drawstring closures and magnetic closures. If you’re looking for easy, quick access you may prefer a drawstring or magnetic closure instead of a zipper, but zippers offer the most protection from the elements and security.


As with anything, you want to find a gym bag that is not just functional and fashionable but also one that fits into your budget. Gym bags can be quite affordable or they can cost you hundreds of dollars. As you look through the options, set a price range you’d like to stay within and find something that fits your needs without blowing your budget. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and if you choose to sacrifice the quality for the price you may find that the bag will fall apart quickly and you’ll have to spend more money to replace it earlier than you anticipated doing so.

Customer Reviews

Don’t discount the importance of looking through customer reviews. These will tell you everything that the product descriptions and photos won’t tell you. This includes the quality of the materials, how much they actually hold, if the zippers function properly, and if it is easy to clean. You can also find out if it’s easy to carry or cumbersome and uncomfortable, too. You can be sure that if there is a common problem with the gym bag in question, people will discuss it.


With these analyses of the top 10 gym bags for women at your disposal along with the handy buying guide, you should feel comfortable enough to make a more informed purchase decision and find something that you love. Remember, when looking at other bags be sure to read through product descriptions as well as customer reviews in order to find something that fits your needs.