Good Reasons To Squat

Injury prevention

When it comes to sport, the majority of injuries are caused by weak ligaments, connective tissue or stabilisation muscles. Improving the muscles around the knees and hips is a quick way to greatly reduce the chance of injury when performing almost any other activity such as jumping or running. Squats help to strengthen all of these as well as improving your flexibility and balance. This improvement takes place when you move your body through the full motion range required for a squat. So at the very least, you should be falling over less if you are a squatter. Also by wearing a reliable workout belt in the gym, you greatly reduce the chances of injury during your heavy squats.

reasons to squatJump higher

Being a great jumper i.e. for basketball or long jump isn’t just about genetics. Having the ability to extend the hips with power is a key factor in jumping. Squats help to build this extension strength. Not only this, but squats will assist in the absorption of power as well. So when you land you are less prone to injury.



Full body exercises are stimulators for the release of muscle building hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone. Because squats involve a large number of muscles when performing the exercise, this causes the hormones to be released. So squats help to build muscle all over the body, not just the legs. The human body likes to grow as a whole. We’ve all seen the skinny guy doing bicep curls five days a week in the gym with not much to show for it. It is very difficult to force the biceps to grow without the rest of the body going as well. So the easiest way to gain muscle mass is to work the entire body e.g. with squats.

Mental strength

Unracking the bar containing a enough weight to crush a man (or woman) requires great willpower. Those who accept the challenge are the ones who achieve their goals and don’t give up easily. Performing squats regularly helps to build this mental strength which can be used not only in the gym, but throughout life. Also, by performing squats lifters learn how to muster up their physical strength efficiently which again can be used all over their life.

squatting woman

Fat burning

Having more muscle burns more fat. The squat is not only effective in the building of muscle mass but it is also good at burning fat. The more muscle mass you have on your body, the more calories you’ll burn during rest and during training. So if you are looking to get lean, squats are important.

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