Having Trouble With You Belt During Deadlifts?

There are many different ideas about regarding how you should wear a belt for deadlifts. If you are a big guy then the best way to wear your weight belt is usually the same way as squats.

For the more average guys and conventional lifters, it can be quite common for your belts to jam in to your legs at the bottom of the left which will make it pretty difficult to get your back set up before the pull. The bigger your belly is, the harder it is to set up the back. For some people, this is a major problem to the point where they don’t bother wearing their belt for deads.

Not everybody has his problem but there are some ways in which it could be resolved:

1) Wearing it with a looser fit
2) Wearing it at a higher position
3) Wearing it backwards


It is quite common for lifters to wear their belts looser for deadlift thus giving them a bit room to set up. But this is often not optimal because wearing a looser belt means less support and thus less weight can be lifted.

Some the lifters will wear their weightlifting belts higher on their body. Again, this is not a great solution. The combination of abs pushing against the belt is what generates the intra-abdominal pressure increase in the body and thus by wearing the belt higher up there is less contact with the abs and so less pressure. But because it is less painful than wearing the belt in the normal position, this solution is often utilised because some support is better than no support.

The Solution

Now, a better alternative is to actually wear the belt backwards. By wearing the belt backwards with the buckle at the rear, there is less protrusion at the front of the body and thus a decrease in the amount of contact at the front of the body with the legs.  This may feel kind of similar to a dipping belt where the majority of the belt is resting on the rear of the body.

The only downside to this method is that you need a buddy to help you get your belt on, tighten it and get it off again.  Of course, there is another solution to this and that is to check powerlifting belt reviews thoroughly before deciding on one.

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