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Slendertone Connect Abs Review


The idea of electronically stimulating my abdominals muscles was something that was quite new to me. It all started when I got an invite in my email. My cousin, Sandy, was getting married and wanted me to be a part of the beautiful countryside wedding she was planning. We had always been close, and so, she wanted me to be one of the bridesmaids. I was happy for her but scared for myself. I have struggled with weight issues all my life. From Keto to Paleo, I have tried pretty much everything, but I love food too much, and find [...]

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Slendertone Review


You may or may not have heard of Slendertone, they are quite well-known from their marketing material featuring men and women with chiseled abs maybe running through hills, across a beach or at home reading a book whilst wearing their products. Allegedly, getting abs can be a lot easier than you have ever realized. I tested out one of these devices for this review to see if it is the magic clinically proven transformative piece of machinery that the company seems to promise. What's An Ab Stimulator? Slendertone products in general work by using Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology (also known [...]

  • flex belt package

Flex Belt Review


A belt that can get you a toned abdomen without breaking a sweat? Sounds absurd, doesn't it? But scientific technology incorporated with all that mass production that has to offer us, this is just another breakthrough that's become the talk of the town. We understand how some of us just can not practice self-control when we're hungry. We mean, with all those delicious food items and your ability to gain each pound you consume, it's absolutely unfair to subject yourself to torturing self-restraint. Then there are people who can not simply afford all those fancy gyms and personal trainers. The [...]

  • bowflex xtreme 2SE

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Review


Bowflex have been manufacturing their machines for a long time. Their latest home gym featuring their famous Power Rod technology is even better than ever.

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FITGIRL Womens Weightlifting Belt Review


FITGIRL Womens Weightlifting Belt Review Tired of having to make do with men’s weight lifting belts? Ready to try one that was designed exclusively for women? If this sounds like you now is the time to check out the FITGIRL Weightlifting Belt. With a black and pink design your workout gear can now match your style. To see what else the FITGIRL Pink Weight Lifting Belt has to offer keep reading. The FITGIRL Pink Weight lifting Belt is a 5 inch belt with a 2 inch pink support strap. The belt itself was designed with women in mind. FITGIRL designed [...]

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Harbinger Womens Belt Review


Harbinger Womens Weight Lifting Belt Review The Harbinger women's weightlifting belt features a lightweight foam padding. Being designed specifically for women, the belt is 5 inches in width. It is black in color but the outer band is available in three different colors. These are green, pink or purple. It features a soft and breathable lining, and the buckle is manufactured from heavy gauge steel featuring a roll clip. Three sizes are available in the Harbinger women's belts which are medium, small and extra-small. At first glance, the Harbinger belt appears thin and perhaps flimsy. But in fact, it is [...]

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Fire Team Fit Belt Review


Fire Team Fit Belt Review Fire Team Fit are a reasonably new company with a few innovative products on offer. Here we are looking at the Fire Team Fit weightlifting belt. The belt is suitable for both men and women and comes in a variety of colors. These are black, blue, white, pink and camouflage. The belt is designed to be lightweight so is a pleasant change from the typical heavy leather weightlifting or powerlifting belts. You can see from the design that features an individual foam pad structure making it able to fit the body contours while being comfortable [...]

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Bowflex Revolution Review


As we all know, exercising regularly will lead to overall better health. Doctors and physicians are always emphasizing the importance of regular exercise. If you're a busy person, there is the problem of finding time to exercise. Not everybody has time to travel to a gym and then spend one or two hours in there exercising. More and more people are investing in working out at home which means purchasing home gym equipment. This gives them the convenience of working out when they want and also exercising more efficiently. For example, they're not wasting time traveling to a gym and [...]

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RDX Nubuck Cow Hide Belt Review

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RDX Nubuck Cow Hide Belt Review The RDX Cow Hide Belt is a 4 inch wide and 10mm thick belt and on first appearances it looks very different to a standard black leather lifting belt.  It has a soft suede-like finish made from a high quality leather and looks almost fluffy from a distance and is actually very nice to hold.  The white double stitching is a nice contrast to the golden brown cow hide leather and the RDX lettering on the front it sure to grab some attention in the gym. The belt is made up of 4 layers of oil [...]

  • ader belt review

Ader Leather Belt Review


Ader Leather Belt Review The Ader belt is 4 inches in height and is 3/8 inches in thickness.  It is available in alternate colours such as red, blue and there is also a striped version in red, white and blue.  It comes with a double pronged buckle and at closer inspection appears to be constructed from 3 layers of leather bonded together.  It also has a soft suede lining to provide that little extra comfort. Build Quality First impressions of the belt are that it feels durable and sturdy for the price and so it would take a good few [...]

  • valeo padded weightlifing belt

Valeo Padded Leather Belt Review


Valeo Padded Leather Belt Review The Valeo lifting belt is a popular choice among many people.  It is constructed from 6mm thick leather with double stitched edging. The buckle is double pronged and two loops are also attached to keep the belt tab in place during wear.  It is also available in 4 inch and 6 inch width versions. Build Quality While the quality of the leather is not as good as some more expensive belts, it seems to be made from good quality material for the price.  It looks to be made up from layers of leather meaning that it [...]

  • inzer forever lever belt

Inzer Forever Lever Belt Review


Inzer Forever Lever Belt Review This belt actually goes by two names.  The Inzer Forever Lever Belt and the Crain Xtreme Power Belt.  Both of these companies have a reputation for providing well constructed and long-lasting belts made from high quality materials. For this review, we are looking at both the 10mm and the 13mm versions that are available. Build Quality The belt is make from one piece of leather which is very solid while cheaper belts often use layers of thinner leather which are fixed together and sometimes stitched.  Some belts also have metal bolts which can begin to rust after a while. Over time, these layers [...]