The Best Sandbags For Training

Sandbags are not the most conventional of ways to train, and many people may think that a gym is all they need, but sandbag training offer much more to you when it comes to exercise. these bags provide another type of training as they do not have a constant shape or form. This means that the weight will always be moving from side to side meaning that your other, smaller muscles will be activated to keep the sandbag stable.

While many bags do look the same, they are actually very different, and many also have different weight limits. Some of the more expensive sandbags have been manufactured from tougher materials, thus making them more durable at carrying a heavier weight. They also have the ability to be very versatile. For example, you could try to keep the weight focused at one of the sides in sandbags to make your workout more of a challenge.
We have set out to find the best sandbags for general use and to be great for exercise, but before we look at the top 5 sandbags for training and how their features can be beneficial to you, let’s look at some of the things you need to know before buying a sandbag for training.

With that being said, let’s look at the top training sandbags for 2017:

Brute Force SandbagVersatile4.8
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
SKLZ Super SandbagSolid handles4.6
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Garage Fit Heavy Duty Workout SandbagWaterproof4.3
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
Ultimate Sandbag PackageDurable4
3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)
Ultimate Body Press Exercise SandbagAffordable3.9
3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)

Our Top 5 Exercise Sandbags

#1 – Brute Force Sandbagsbrute force training sandbag

Maximum Weight: 400lbs
Special Features: available in a combo kit of different sizes and weight, soft grip handles to make sandbag training easier, added reinforcements in the shell, no material have been used that will deteriorate, limited lifetime warranty
The Brute force sandbags have been created to accommodate any aspects of life. Strength trainers should love the extra weight that can be added and the toughness of the bag, but fitness enthusiasts will like the flexibility and how easy the bag is to use.
The soft grip handles will be a great addition to help to protect your hands from any abrasions, and the added reinforcement in the bag will allow you to add as much weight as possible. When dropped bag will not tear and will remain durable, but you will have a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that the bag is up to your standards. It is just worth noting that this particular bag is not waterproof.
Furthermore, you receive multiple filler bags, and these filler bags can be used to add or remove the weight, thus also making it great for multifunctional sandbag training and supersets. The weight is not evenly distributed, and so this is useful to activate some of those muscles which are never used.
We highly recommend this training bag for people looking to grow and become bigger. The multi-functionality is impeccable, and you can easily progress towards your goals with this bag.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to add and remove weight
  • Allows multifunctional sandbag training
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Long handles might make sandbag training difficult for shorter people

#2 – SKLZ Super SandbagSKLZ workout sandbag

Maximum Weight: 40lbs
Special Features: Designed for fitness and explosive exercises, Durable outer shell with multiple softer handgrips made for fitness and sports.
Sports and fitness enthusiasts will really like this bright and attractive bag. The SKLZ Super Sandbag has been designed to allow sports players to develop better explosiveness and also to strengthen some of those less-used muscles. By strengthening those muscles, you can be potentially able to lower the chance of injuries, and your performance will also be improved.
The durable outer shell might allow you to add a few more filler bags than the four that you get, but it’s possible that this could void your warranty. The kit has been designed to resist the movement of 40 pounds of sand in all directions, and this should be enough for fitness enthusiasts. The workout sandbag might not be heavy enough for bodybuilders, but you as a bodybuilder might still use it for toning.
Furthermore, the bag features six soft grip handles which should make life much easier for you when it comes to sandbag training. These handles will ensure that your hands do not sustain any abrasions and that you are comfortable in using the bag.
We highly recommend this bag for fitness enthusiasts looking to up their game and also sports athletes trying to improve their explosiveness. The durability will allow you a lot of multifunctional use and in various locations without having to fear any tears.

  • Durable and affordable
  • Easy to use with filler bags included
  • Ideal for developing explosiveness
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Might be a little too lightweight for bodybuilders

#3 – Garage Fit Heavy Duty Workout Sandbagsgarage fit training sandbag

Maximum Weight: 60lbs
Special Features: Waterproof nylon outer shell, extremely durable at 60lbs, double sealed liners to keep the sand from leaking, seven soft, but still durable exterior handles, multiple colors to conveniently camouflage dirt and they are machine washable
The Heavy Duty workout bag from Garage Fit has been designed to make sandbag exercise easy in any condition. The training bags have been constructed from durable nylon, and the stitching has also been doubled up on. The double stitched nylon areas will ensure that sand does not leak through like in most other cases and it will also add to the overall durability of the bag.
With seven soft grip handles, it will be possible to do multiple different sandbag training exercises without issues. These handles are also padded to ensure that no abrasions occur and that you have a comfortable workout experience. The training bag does have a maximum weight limit of 6 pounds, but this should be efficient for home use and the average person. The bag will help keep you healthy and work those unused muscles.
Furthermore, the bag is also 100% waterproof, and while this might not be impressive to all, it’s nice to know that this can be used in the rain outdoors. The bag will also not tear or rip, and the warranty will keep you covered, we do not recommend adding more than the weight limit to the bag.
We highly recommend this bag for fitness enthusiasts and also the average fitness enthusiast to try and improve your fitness level at an affordable price. The kit allows you to do multiple different exercises and so can be used to improve your entire body.

  • Durable outer shell
  • Double stitched
  • Added liner to stop leaks
  • Waterproof
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Not recommended for pulling on rough surfaces

#4 – Ultimate Sandbag Packageultimate sandbag fitness system

Maximum Weight: 80lbs
Special Features: 7 soft grip handles for performing multiple exercises, durable outer shell, Great for strength training, Leak-resistant design, a sandbag training DVD will also be included for beginners
The Ultimate Sandbag Package should be one of the best packages for beginners to start off with. The training sandbag features huge weight limit of 80lbs, and this should be great for improving your strength and also the overall fitness and explosive power.
The added sandbag training DVD should be perfect for people looking to start off with sandbag based exercise, and you can learn each exercise. This will allow you to perform over 400 different exercises with its soft grip handles, which should help to resist any possible abrasions or grip problems.
The durable outer shell and the leak resistant design will be perfect for keeping the sand inside and ensuring that your weight does stay the same. You should also notice that once all of the filler bags have been added, there will be less space inside for the sand to move around, but you will still be training your less-used muscles.
This is definitely recommended for enthusiasts of fitness, and it will also be perfect for beginners to start off with. You can greatly improve your performance with this Ultimate Sandbag Package

  • Durable and leak resistant shell
  • Allows you to do more than 400 exercises
  • Great for beginners to start with
  • Abrasion resistant handles
  • Plastic material could harm shoulders when squatting

#5 – Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbagultimate body press exercise sandbag

Maximum Weight: 100lbs
Special Features: Available in multiple sizes, high-intensity graphics on the 1050D handles included, ideal for people of all sizes, allows various fitness and strength exercises
The Ultimate Body Press sandbag is one of the most versatile training sandbags on our list. It is available in multiple different sizes and all of them are different prices, this means that you will not need to invest in bigger bags until you reach that level. The bag also features multiple durable handles, and this should allow you to do different exercises based on your goals.
Furthermore, it features a durable outer shell, and the entire bag is leak proof, meaning that your sand will not leak out from the sides and the weight will stay the same. This bag is ideal for high-intensity interval workouts.
We recommend this for any person, and with the versatility, the whole family will be able to use one or two of these bags for their sandbag exercise routine. This bag is made for giving you value for your money.

  • Affordable in all sizes
  • Extremely durable
  • Perfect for beginners and pros
  • Offers the ability to perform more than 500different exercises
  • Grip might put some strain on your hands


Top Features To Look For In Workout Sandbags

While some people might think that any type of bag can be used to perform this exercise, it is unfortunately not the case. Proper sandbags for strength training have been specifically designed for heavier weights and even the ability to fall to the ground without damage. A regular bag might be cheaper, but it will be far less effective. Here are a few things you need to look for in sandbags:

  • Weight limit: Depending on your strength capabilities, the weight will be imperative, and you will need you have a durable bag. As you start getting stronger, a bigger and heavier bag will allow you to progress even further.
  • Filler bags: Most of the advanced sandbags come with filler bags for you to add or decrease the weight. The amount of filler bags will directly indicate the weight limit as well, but you will be able to play with the weight much more when adding or taking away these filler bags.
  • Durability: Since you will be using these bags for training, they will need to be durable. When we get tired in the gym, it is easy to lose grip on the weights, and they will naturally fall to the ground. If this happens with a training sandbag and if it is not durable, it may rip or tear and since many are expensive, it could be hard to replace.
  • Training conditions: Sandbags will allow you to perform different exercises with them. The weight limit will certainly be a little different when you choose the type of sandbag for training. Fitness bags will allow you to move more and have different gripping elements, while the strength bags are made specially for power.
  • Price: When you take all of these features into account, you should remember to look at the cost. Yes, we do not recommend a homemade exercise sandbag, but sometimes when the quality of the one in the store is not on par, you might need to look at the price and make that decision of whether it is worth it.
    By understanding these five elements, you should be able to make a much better choice regarding your sandbag and you will also make sure that it is worth the price. The sandbags we have chosen will be worth the price and they will last you a long time.


Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article, and we hope that you have a better understanding of sandbags for training. All of these bags are highly recommended for their specific purposes, and we believe they will offer you value.
We would like to encourage you to let us know what you think of these bags and if you agree with us that they are our top 5 sandbags of 2017