Benefits Of Ab Belts

The Benefits Of Using An Electronic Ab Belt Toned abs are probably on everyone’s wish list as they aim to get into shape. It takes a lot of work and core training to tighten the muscles and get that six-pack. However, there are electronic ab belts on the market that claim to help tone your [...]

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Benefits Of Weightlifting Shoes For Women

Many people think they just need weights to workout and overlook the many benefits of using the correct footwear. Proper weightlifting shoes can provide many benefits, particularly to ladies.

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Full Body Bowflex Workout Routine

This is a workout routine for Bowflex machines users that will help you get into great shape and move you towards your fitness goals. It is great for those who currently have a Bowflex machine and is split into 2 separate workouts to be performed on different days. We recommend that this workout is performed [...]

Hip Belt Squats

Many people overlook the hip belt squat. But many serious lifters have been utilising this exercise a for a long time as a great alternative to the squat. Plus, it has many advantages over the full squat.

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10 Reasons To Use A Dipping Belt

10 Reasons To Use A Dipping Belt 1. Great for the triceps Tricep dips with a weighted dip belt will hit the triceps in a hard way. A greater amount of pressure is put on the triceps during dips even more than when performing bench press.  Plus, depending on how you angle your body and the [...]

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Increase Your Deadlift Max

Increase Your Deadlift Max Usually if you bend your body during the middle of an exercise, it can mean that your lifting too much weight. However, with deadlifts this can give you a new maximum lift. If you train yourself to almost fall backwards when performing a lift, you can position your body to produce [...]

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Good Reasons To Squat

Good Reasons To Squat Injury prevention When it comes to sport, the majority of injuries are caused by weak ligaments, connective tissue or stabilisation muscles. Improving the muscles around the knees and hips is a quick way to greatly reduce the chance of injury when performing almost any other activity such as jumping or running. [...]

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Having Trouble With Your Belt During Deadlifts?

Having Trouble With You Belt During Deadlifts? There are many different ideas about regarding how you should wear a belt for deadlifts. If you are a big guy then the best way to wear your weight belt is usually the same way as squats. For the more average guys and conventional lifters, it can be [...]

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Picking The Right Weightlifting Belt

Picking The Right Weightlifting Belt Choosing the right weightlifting belt can seem like a huge task.  Do you go for real leather or a vegan belt. Neoprene or velcro?  Then there's the fastening type to decide on.  Single prong or double prong or even lever.  Then there's also the thickness.  10mm, 13mm or a different [...]

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What Is The Purpose Of A Weight Belt?

What Is The Purpose Of A Weight Belt? We've all probably seen powerlifters on TV, on YouTube or even in the gym wearing a belt.  Sometimes doing completely inappropriate in exercises whilst wearing one, like sit-ups, for example. Many people believe that weight belts are used to support the back and help to reduce the chance of injury.  This is quite [...]

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