Top Dip Stands

Big arms mean big triceps…

And what’s one of the best tricep exercises?


Not only that, but dips are among the best upper body exercises around!  With a dip station, you can not only perform these tricep killers but they can be used for a bunch of other exercises too!

A dip stand is a versatile tool for those who are looking to exercise many muscle groups at the same time. Dips have been around for a very long time as one of the key core body exercises. The simple reason for this is that they work and can provide excellent results.

Did you know? – Arnold Schwarzenegger would hang an 80lb dumbbell and perform 15 reps of dips

Arnold Schwarzenegger doing dips

A dip station is a fixed frame piece of exercise equipment that helps you to perform multiple exercises targetting multiple muscle groups and joint movements. They can be used to work muscle groups such as chest, triceps, back or abs and when combined with a dip belt, these can provide a killer workout. These tools can also come under different names such as dip rack, body tower or portable dip bars. Dip bars for the home can be used with various exercises in the following situations:

  • Muscle mass – exercising is necessary when trying to build muscle mass. A dip stand can provide multiple exercise options which can target both the larger and smaller muscle types.
  • Toning – if you want to maintain or improve the fitness level of your body you can try incorporating a dip stand into your strength training routine.
  • Injury recovery – many sports athletes use dip stands or modified versions of these to help their patients recover from an accident and improve muscle reactions and biomechanics.

Our Top 7 Home Dip Stations

 Rating  Review
Wieder Power Tower
4.9 out of 5 stars
Wieder Power TowerClick For Wieder Power Tower PriceA super sturdy station from a well-known and highly respected manufacturer
Stamina Power Tower
4.8 out of 5 stars
Stamina Power TowerClick For Stamina Power Tower PriceGreat for those on a budget
Xmark Vertical Knee Raise
4.7 out of 5 stars
XMark Vertical Knee RaiseClick For XMark Vertical Knee Raise PriceA really well built and study dip station that is certain to last a long time
Body Champ Power Tower
4.5 out of 5 stars
Body Champ Power TowerClick For Body Champ Power Tower PriceA lightweight station with well-designed push-up bars
Bowflex BodyTower
4.4 out of 5 stars
Bowflex BodyTowerClick For Bowflex BodyTower PriceHighly adjustable and versatile

There are many types of dip stands that you can choose from, even if you are not sure exactly what types of exercises you might be performing in the future. Each model has its pros and cons, and one of the best ways to choose a good stand is to choose from one of the best models which can deliver the most stability and functionality.

Here are our top dip bar models to choose from:

#1 – Weider Power Tower – Best Home Dip StationWeider Power Tower

In our opinion, the best dip station is the Weider Power Tower. Weider products have been recognized in the fitness industry due to their quality and manufacturing tradition. The Power Tower might seem simple at first, but it has plenty of features to keep you busy for a long time.

One of the most interesting features is adjustability with the uprights. This may work for taller or shorter people, but it could even help you train your muscles from a different angle.


If you’re looking for an easy to use home dip station, the Weider Power Rack should be among your top options. At around 7’6” it is super stable and robust. It comes with some decent options which include adjustable handles. If you want to work on your push-ups, you can also use the built-in handles which are placed in the back of the tower. This brings us to the point in which you realize you can’t place it against a wall if you want to have access to all exercise types.


Regarding performance, the dip station offers the standard options plus the push-ups variation for triceps and chest muscles. The back muscles can be worked with the pull-up bar. You can use various grips although the bar comes with padded handles. For chest exercises, you can perform the traditional dip. You can also use the adjustable handles to work the triceps muscles. Core workouts can also benefit from the utilization of the Weider power tower. You can target the lower abdominals with isolated leg raises.


There is an element of simplicity and utility in Weider’s Power Tower. Added handles allow for multiple muscle groups activation like hamstring or chest. As the handles come padded the comfort level is enough to provide a pleasant experience for most users. The frame is simple and stable, but the design doesn’t allow you to place it against a wall, so you need to make sure you have enough space in your home to store it. The cushions are well sewn and provide some extra comfort when performing abdominal exercises.

  • Works the pulling and pushing muscles (chest, triceps, biceps and back)
  • Works abdominal muscles
  • Padded grips for increased comfort
  • Adjustable height with three positions
  • Adjustable handles
  • Multi-grip pull-up options
  • Can’t be placed against a wall due to the pull-up bar position


If you’re looking for an affordable dip stand which has some extra functionality like adjustable handlebars and push-ups support, the Weider Power Tower is a good option. As long as you have the space to store it and keep it away from a wall to perform pull-ups, you may find the tower is just what you need for your health and fitness routine.

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#2 – Stamina 1690 Power TowerWeider Power Tower

The Stamina 1690 Power Tower is a versatile budget dip stand. It comes with a simple frame design which is enough to support users of up to 250 lbs.

This is enough for most people, and the truth is that if you weigh more, then you should not be focusing your fitness efforts on a dip stand. Regardless of your weight, you will appreciate the simplicity of the modern design which doesn’t come with the traditional vertical padding for the lower back.


As a compact design product, the tower manages to provide a real solution for people looking to improve their strength at home. Although you might address stability issues at first, the tower is stable enough for most users. It can even be used to perform abdominal exercises with your feet locked under the lower bar which comes with padding for extra comfort.


The frame has an ergonomic feel which makes for one of the best experiences for users looking for an easier alternative.  It also requires less floor space dimensions than other full-size stands. So what kind of exercises can you perform with the stand? It is widely considered that the best back exercise is a pull-up. To perform these, you can use the pull-up bar which comes with padded gripping, but you can also place your hands inwards, in the middle of the bar, to shift the focus on the biceps.
You can also perform push-ups and abdominal exercises which can work most of the major muscles in the body. These exercises will be largely impacted by gravity, but you could add some small weights for extra resistance.


The design is the biggest differentiator in the tower. The simple steel frame bars can resist weights of up to 250lbs. Because the tower is relatively easier to move, you can place it in any room of your home due to the non-slip ends, which make it stable, especially on surfaces like hardwood or marble.

  • Modern design which utilizes a heavy duty steel frame
  • Provides a full body workout for most major muscles (back, chest, biceps, triceps and abdominals)
  • Non-slip edge caps for slippery surfaces like wood
  • No bar or padding to isolate lower back when performing abdominal exercises


If you have a limited budget, you may feel that you’re not getting enough features with a dip stand. Stamina’s experience is here to prove otherwise. The manufacturer shows you can deliver a solid product for an affordable price. Sure, the dip stand will not be used by professional bodybuilders, but then, those types of users are probably training at a gym anyway. If you want a versatile option for home use, which can be placed in any room and used to work the major muscle groups, the Power Tower is a good choice for the average user.

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#3 – XMark Vertical Knee Raise with Dip StationWeider Power Tower

The XMark Vertical Knee Raise with Dip Station is a hybrid design which allows you to work the abdominals, chest and triceps. It also comes with two built-in handles which can be used for push-ups.

As the station doesn’t come with a pull-up bar, it could be recommended for elderly users, people recovering from injuries or even people looking to maintain mobility in the abdominal area. The push-ups handles can also be used for more upper body toning.


There are a few dip stands which offer a hybrid product without a pull-up bar. The good news is that XMark’s knee raise tower has a solid construction and can work as an alternative. It would be best suited for home users who need a dip stand but lack the strength or inclination to perform chin-ups. It’s not the cheapest option on the market, but it comes with resistant materials such as the tear-resistant vinyl.


When looking for abdominal workouts, you need to find the best dip station which can fit your home. XMark’s Vertical Knee Raise is one of the easiest options to work the lower abdominals. The padded grips can also provide an alternative for triceps exercises. But triceps can also be worked with the built-in handles for push-ups, which means you can also have a good alternative for upper body exercises without the pull-up bar.


The dip stand comes in a classic design which has been proven in time. With 14-gauge steel construction, it is robust enough for most users. The padding for the back and elbows are Duraguard’s tear-resistant vinyl which has been used extensively in the fitness industry due to its versatility.

  • Easy to use
  • Targets the abdominals
  • Comfortable with padding
  • Reduced size can work for home use
  • Push-ups option
  • No pull-up bar


If you have a limited budget and need a solid dip stand without a pull-up bar, the XMark Vertical Knee Raise is one of the simplest choices on the market. Because of its reduced size, it is perfect for home use. The ideal user of the stand is a person looking to improve muscles and biomechanics in the abdominal region. If you don’t need a chin-up bar and you require a lighter-version, the stand can be a good choice to replace the traditional tower design.

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#4 – Body Champ Power TowerBody Champ Power Tower

With a weight of just 71lbs, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is one of the lightest dips stands on the market. Its lightness doesn’t mean it is not a functional tower as it can handle weights of up to 250lbs.

One of the signature features of the stand is the height adjusting system, which means you’ll be able to approach your daily exercises with a different angle.


One of the most simple and affordable dip bars on the market and offers enough versatility for the average user. It doesn’t make any compromises on resistance, and with height-adjustability, it offers enough variation to satisfy multiple users.


Like any padded dip stand, the tower provides a great workout for abdominal exercises with knee or leg raises. This should be the foremost focus of the stand, especially with height-adjustability. For the upper body and back muscles, you can perform pull-ups and push-ups which will add to your overall toning. And finally, the best exercise to perform on the stand is the dip. Variations of the dip will mean you can focus on your chest or triceps muscles using your body weight for resistance.


The stand has a modern design which allows it to come with height adjustability. It is sometimes considered that lightweight dip stands don’t offer enough stability, but this platform is well constructed and offers a good balance for most users. Due to the angled construction, you could even perform abdominal exercises from the pull-up bar.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Height-adjustable
  • Chin-up bar
  • Padded cushions
  • Push-up grips
  • No feet platform


Looking for an affordable dip stand has never been easier. The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is close to a perfect dip stand. If you don’t mind the lack of gym-style feet platform you will find the stand helps you focus on the exercises and with height-adjustability, it might provide enough versatility to keep you motivated.

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#5 – Bowflex BodyTowerBowflex BodyTower

If you need extra exercises with your dip stand, the Bowflex BodyTower comes with 20 options to choose from, for all the major muscle groups. The dip stand features an EZ pull-up bar for extra versatility. It also comes with sling straps which means that you’ll be able to perform extra repetitions with your exercises.


As an innovative dip stand, it’s not always possible to get the most out of design. Bowflex BodyTower manages to provide some of the traditional features of a stand while incorporating new ideas together with an exercise guide.

This means (thanks to its accessories) you will now be able to perform approximately 20 exercises which make for a great home workout where the machines and options are always limited.


So what do you get from these innovative ideas? The EZ bar will allow you to train certain angles. You can try both wide grip and close grip pull-ups for the best results. The sling straps also allow you to work your triceps in a similar way to the static dip. Traditionally, the dip bar is designed around the horizontal bars, which work the triceps and abdominals. The BodyTower doesn’t come with the traditional padding for the back and elbows, but you can still work on both muscle groups.


The structure of the stand is made from commercial-grade steel which is why the tower also gets the industrial look. The horizontal bar adjustability is a great design feature which will allow you to perform demanding exercises even at home. The manufacturer has even included a guide which is always visible when using the dip stand.

  • Adjustable horizontal bars
  • EZ pull-up bar
  • Exercise guide
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • No padded cushioning for the elbows


For a limited budget, the Bowflex BodyTower is one of the best choices regarding versatility and guidance. It may not look as heavy-duty as some other stands, but it can actually support users of up to 300 pounds. The tower is recommended for users who like to get maximum versatility from their dip stand.

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#6 – Body-Solid Commercial Dip Stationbody solid gym dip station

The Body-Solid Commercial Dip Station is one of the best options for people with limited space or storage options. If you live in an apartment or can’t afford to dedicate a whole room in your home for a gym, you will be looking for options which can save space.

Not having access to a large room should not keep you away from working on your fitness goals. This is why Body-Solid has designed a minimalist pull up dip rack which can deliver the exercise platform.


When you look for a minimalistic dip station, you would expect more features as many manufacturers tend to over-complicate the designs. Body-Solid is one of the simplest designs on the market as the dip station is not trying to be something it’s not. It is very limiting, but it does its job well.


You can perform dips in any room around your house. At just 47 pounds, the station is lightweight which makes it maneuverable and you can move it to a new location without too much effort. Dips can be used to develop triceps and chest muscles. You can do this using your body weight, or you could add some weight using a belt. Whichever option you choose, the dip station can work to achieve those fitness targets.


The design of the dip station is very simple. Straight from the beginning, you notice the grips which will prevent any slippage. You also see the electrostatic powder-coat finishing which is a nice addition. Because the design is quite simple, you get a lifetime warranty with the product.

  • Heavy-gauge steel uprights
  • Anti-slippage grips
  • Broad and stable base
  • Electrostatic powder coat finish
  • Limited in exercise options


Sometimes going back to basics is a good way to move forwards on your fitness journey. The Body-Solid Commercial Dip Station doesn’t come with fancy extras. It works well for dips and nothing else. If you have a limited budget or storing space and want to perform demanding dips, this station is likely a good option for you.

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#7 – Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Stationultimate body home dip bar

There’s nothing like the versatility of a portable dip station. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station is one of the best options on the market if you need to perform workouts on the move. It may also work for people going on holiday, some recovery centers or people who like to train in different rooms around the house.


If you are less than 6’5” you may get all you need with this portable dip station. It is easy to assemble as it requires no tools. As it comes with a reduced size and a foldable design, it is perfect for people with limited space and can be easily used at home. You can store it easily under a bed and have it ready to go in a short period of time. This makes it a good option if you go on holiday and want to stay in shape as the frame will fit into most cars.


Regarding performance, you get angled grips which will put less strain on your joints, especially during longer workouts. The exercises you can perform include the classic chest and triceps dips. You can also work the back muscles with bodyweight rows.

Core exercises can also be performed in an Olympic-style abdominal exercise. But the lower part of the body can also get involved. You can perform assisted dips and can also try the included dip belt which can work your leg muscles in a different way. Belt training is excellent for time-under-tension exercises.


The patented design comes with color coded assembly. This means the dip station will be ready to use in a few seconds with no required tools. The small frame is very sturdy and can handle weights of up to 350lbs which can make it perfect for the whole family.

  • Foldable design
  • Unique patented design
  • Steel construction
  • Angled grips
  • Quick assembly with no tools
  • Might not work for very tall people


Some fitness enthusiasts find it difficult to work with big, bulky, dip stands. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station is a lighter alternative. It works to provide enough exercise variation for people who like mobility. It will work well for people training in front of a TV or outside during summer days. Its patented design is the strong point of the stand. If you are looking for a good stand which can be used anywhere, the dip station might prove to be a good choice, especially in this price range.

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Chest or Triceps?

Why Use Dip Bars

You have already guessed but… we love dips!

They are a super intense isolation exercise that will develop powerful, defined and strong triceps.  Whether they are performed at home on a step, at the gym using a dip machine or dipping station, they offer great results. Some of these exercise methods use your own body weight while others will make use of a safety pulley system on a machine (these are usually used if you haven’t developed your strength to lift yourself yet.  But what are the benefits of using adding this exercise to your routine?

  • Strength – Firstly, dips significantly improve the upper body strength as well as adding to an appealing physique.  This increase in arm strength means an improvement across the board in other upper body exercises too.  For example, it’s normal for your bench press to improve as you improve the strength of your triceps and shoulders. Also, many of the stabilizer muscles in the upper body are used and stressed when performing dips.
  • The V – If you want the tapered upper body looks that so many lifters desire, then this is one of the exercises to add to your workout. Wide grip dips or on angled bars will help. By tilting forwards slightly, you can place more resistance on the chest, causing strain on the pectoral muscles and stretching of the pecs. This encourages the growth of a sweeping chest.
  • Variety – The arm handles on a dip rack can be close together or far apart. These features will affect your stance and your entire body position.  This change in hand positions means a change in the way that the body exercises. The general rules are to target the chest, you should use a wide grip. To place more emphasis on the tricep muscles and shoulders you should use a narrow grip.

Building Up Your Strength

Many people struggle with doing full-blown dips or pull-ups straight away. If this is you, you can use something like the “challenge” below to build up your strength at home:

DayNumber Of Dips
5Rest Day
10Rest Day

Do the above on a step at home and you should be able to build up your strength to 50 dips per day over 2 weeks.


When looking for the best dip station, you need to take your budget and needs into consideration. Some users don’t need extra features, and there is no reason to pay for them. Advanced users might feel they need to challenge themselves more; this is why you need to find the right product for your needs.

And lastly, you need to consider that a dip stand requires considerable space. Make sure you find the right product which can fit into your home. If you choose a station with a pull-up bar, you also need to consider you need some extra space between the top of the tower and the ceiling in the room before the purchase.