Tired of having to make do with men’s weight lifting belts? Ready to try one that was designed exclusively for women? If this sounds like you now is the time to check out the FITGIRL Weightlifting Belt. With a black and pink design your workout gear can now match your style. To see what else the FITGIRL Pink Weight Lifting Belt has to offer keep reading.

The FITGIRL Pink Weight lifting Belt is a 5 inch belt with a 2 inch pink support strap. The belt itself was designed with women in mind. FITGIRL designed this belt to provide women with a comfortable and stylish belt to safely exercise. Don’t be deceived by looking at the belt. The belt is made of an ultra-light foam core covered with a tricot lining for breathability. The 2 inch adjustable support strap provides reinforcement. The pink and black design allows the belt to easily match a variety of women’s athletic gear.

Features & Benefits


You want your workouts to be hard, but you don’t want them to be uncomfortable. There is nothing worse than using equipment that doesn’t fit or feel right. The soft belt itself is designed to provide maximum comfort during workouts, but it can only do this if it is used and worn correctly. The belt needs to be worn on your waist, which is between your ribs and hips. Belt should; only be tightened when you are using it for support, all other times it should be loose. To properly tighten the belt take a deep breath in and then let it out. As you let the breath out, tighten the belt.

Style & Size

The black and pink design of the FITGIRL Weight Lifting Belt allows you to match it to a variety of athletic wear. Majority of the belt is black; the pink is more of an accent color. It can be found in the stitching and as the front of the 2 inch support strap. The belt comes in three different sizes: x-small, small, and medium. To find the correct size you need to measure your waist, you CANNOT go off your pant size. For measurements that fall between the overlap sizes listed on each size belt you want to purchase the next size up.


The FITGIRL Weight Lifting Belt is designed to work for a variety of activities, including Crossfit WOD workouts and bodybuilding training. The belt adds safety and confidence to your everyday exercises as it supports your body where needed when worn doing lunges, hip thrusters, deadlifts, and more. When worn the muscles around the belt will stay warm, making it great for injury prevention. The support strap is fully adjustable with Velcro straps. To secure the belt place the pink strap through the metal D ring and double it back over itself so it’s velcro closed.


The FITGIRL Pink Weight Lifting Belt is an excellent choice for those who want a belt designed for comfort and style. The FITGIRL belt is so lightweight you won’t even realize it’s on. With a tricot lining for breathability the ultra-light foam core provides support while keeping your muscles warm to prevent injuries. While there are plenty of weight lifting belts on the market, not all are designed exclusively for women. Now that you know what the FITGIRL has to offer go out and purchase one today.