home gym mirrors

If you are in the process of creating a gym in your home or garage, or if you already have a home gym but feel that there is something lacking, a mirror for your wall could be what you need. It’s a common thing that most of us forget when putting together a workout room. Any professional gym will have mirrors available so that you can view yourself effectively as you exercise, and so you should consider having one in your home gym too. So here we have covered the best gym mirrors for your home.

The way in which you view yourself in your home gym mirror depends on which type of exercise you are performing. You may wish to stand straight on facing the mirror for some exercises such as squats while viewing yourself sideways can be more effective for other exercises such as bicep curls.

You should, however, always take care to never strain your neck by turning it 90 degrees to look in your mirror, especially when weightlifting. This may make it a better idea to mount mirrors on the gym walls at right angles from each other to enable you to view yourself from several angles simultaneously.

Top 5 Home Gym Mirrors & Reviews

#1 – Fab Glass And Mirror – Best Optionfab glass and mirror

The Fab Glass and Mirror is an ideal solution for any home or garage gym. With its frameless design it is not only stylish but extremely practical too as it gives a better view of your body as your work out. With its special backing, it is also a much safer solution for your home gym.

The Fab Glass and Mirror has been designed to meet the needs of gyms and dance studios with safety and ease of use in mind. With safety having long been an issue in these types of environments, this mirror has been designed with a safety backing which strengthens the surface of the glass to make it less likely to break under impact. Items bounce off the surface rather than smashing it. Thanks to this special backing, this mirror is also protected against rapid delamination, even when used in a damp environment such as a garage. Prolonging its life, this film prevents moisture from being entrapped in the gym mirror panels.

The Fab Glass and Mirror is also frameless which is not only more attractive, throwing more light into the space and creating cleaner lines, it is also useful for providing a better view when working out. It comes complete with all the key hardware included for mounting including four mirror clips, a 60 inch J bar, screws and a special mirror adhesive.


  • Very safe thanks to safety backing which resists impact
  • Resistant to delamination for longer lasting usage even in damp spaces like garages
  • Comes complete with all necessary hardware for mounting
  • Frameless design is more attractive and more practical for better viewing


  • It may be quite tricky to install for some
  • No instructions supplied for mounting

#2 – Large Acrylic Mirrors – Safe Optionmarketing holders gym mirrors

You’ll struggle to find huge acrylic mirrors but that’s ok because you can use smaller square 24″x24″ or rectangle 12″x36″ sized versions to create a much larger mirror. These have the benefit of being ultra-safe and very difficult to break with no risk of injury if they ever do. Using these types of mirrors, you can create whatever size or shape you require on your gym or dance studio wall both vertically or horizontally. Plus, they are much cheaper than glass mirrors and if one ever does get damaged, you only need to replace a single much smaller mirror without feeling like you are taking on a DIY project.

The downside of these is that the reflection won’t be as clear as proper glass mirror panels. They are also easier to get scratched. So it’s weighing up clarity and scratchability vs safety and cost. But they are impact-resistant, lightweight and feature curved edges making them perfect for a gym. Some of the cheaper mirrors can distort, especially smaller ones. But the Marketing Holders brand are a good sturdy and practical bit of hardware.


  • Safety design ensures any impact will not result in dangerous shards of glass
  • Minimal distortion
  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy to install
  • Impact-resistant and curved edges


  • Easier to get scratched than glass
  • Not quite as clear as glass

#3 – Large Glass – Clearer Optionedgewood wall mirror

The problem with making up a large gym mirror from smaller frameless acrylic mirrors is the potential for them to be distorted meaning that the reflection many not look great. It can look like a funhouse if you are not careful! So, why not use glass mirrors instead? This way you have a clear reflection, like a vanity mirror from glass which is not as easy to get scratched and it’s not flexible.

Now, the downside of these sorts of mirrors is that they have the risk of being shattered. So they’re not recommended to be used in areas close to a lot of activity. But if one of these mirrors does get damaged. You don’t have to worry about replacing a gigantic mirror, you just replace the smaller one that was damaged.

The Edgewood mirrors offer a quality clear reflection and are self adhesive. They are also great value when compared to large mirror panels but can offer a classy appearance to your gym setup.


  • Clear undistorted image
  • A polished and finished appearance
  • Make up the size and shape you like
  • Comes with adhesive
  • Measures 48” x 60”


  • Risk of shattering
  • Sharp corners

#4 – Troy System Rectangle Mira Safe Gym Mirror – Alternative Optiontroysys home gym mirror kit

The perfect safe choice for active spaces like gyms, the Mira Safe gym mirror is shatter resistant without compromising on clarity. Coming complete with all of the essentials to fit it properly in your home gym, this frameless mirror is elegant and practical.

The Troy System Mira Safe Gym Mirror is extremely safe thanks to its shatter resistant design, and this makes it the perfect choice for your home or garage gym. With its clear surface, you will enjoy excellent views of yourself as you work out and thanks to its frameless design, its clean lines will look fantastic while you enjoy the best possible view. With its low iron content, this wall mirror will have no green tint and will not show any distortion which can be found in a low quality mirror. It is also very simple to install independently and it comes complete with all of the necessary hardware for mounting including mirror clips, J bars, glass glue and mounting screws.

This mirror is suitable for use in domestic settings or in professional gyms as it is not a decorative mirror but one that is specifically designed for gym environments. Durable and long lasting, this mirror will give the illusion of extra space and depth in your room and help to motivate you thanks to its impressive clarity. As it is also flat polished on all four of its edges, it has an elegant finish.


  • Flat polished edges for an attractive finish
  • Long lasting, durable and shatter resistant for greater safety
  • Comes complete with all mounting materials for DIY easy installation
  • Excellent clarity with no distortion
  • Low iron content ensures no green tinge


  • Heavy and difficult to move, especially alone
  • Some users did not receive the mounting kit

#5 – Small Acrylic Gym Mirrors – Cheap Optionacrylic gym wall mirrors

An acrylic gym mirror is great choice if you are on a budget. Lightweight, safe and practical, these types of garage gym mirrors are easy to move and install independently and will enable you to easily view yourself when working out. These mirrors are separate smaller mirrors that you place on a wall alongside each other with a self adhesive backing. This means that they may take longer to put into place, but you have the option to create a mirror of the size and shape that you wish.

These are ideal for spaces where children may be playing and for active rooms where impacts are a likelihood, this acrylic plastic mirror is extremely safe and lightweight so will never shatter into dangerous glass shards even if it is hit with a heavy object e.g a barbell.

However, issues can come with distortion. If not lined up correctly next to each other on a gym wall or if the plastic is not laid flat, the image can be distorted. By hey, this is a workout mirror, not one for applying makeup. Also, watch out for the mirror getting scratched as they won’t be as resilient as a glass version.


  • An affordable choice for any home gym
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely safe and will never shatter even under impact
  • Lightweight


  • The flexible nature of this mirror means that it can distort easily if the surface to which it is mounted is slightly uneven or bumpy
  • The mirror surface can be easily scratched


How much do gym mirrors cost?

Gym mirror costs depend on the size and quality of the mirrors. The price can range from $10 to $1000’s.

Do gym mirrors make you look bigger?

Unless the mirror has distorted and warped your reflection, gym mirrors do not make you look bigger. But, if you are exercising, your muscles swell meaning that they will look bigger in the gym.

How high should gym mirrors be?

A gym mirror should be around 45″ to 75″ in height. Any higher than that is unnecessary.

Where should mirrors be placed in a home gym?

Mirrors should be placed facing the area where you exercise most in the home gym. This will help to get the most value from it.

What Is The Importance Of Large Gym Mirrors?

While some people think that having large mirrors in any kind of gym is purely for vanity reasons, in fact, there are a number of practical reasons why make gym wall mirrors an essential addition to your room. Installing a mirror in your home or garage gym brings with it the following advantages:

  • Checking Form – possibly the most vital reason for installing a mirror in your home or garage gym is to keep a check on your form. This is particularly important if you are training alone with anyone spotting for you. If you workout at home by yourself, it can be all to easy to quickly develop bad habits when lifting weights or working out. Performing incorrect movements can cause injuries and can also be wasting your time. It is pointless to lift weights if you are carrying out the exercises incorrectly. Adopting a poor form will eventually lead to insidious and long term weaknesses and injuries as well as short term injuries which can put out of action during the recovery period. Another problem with using the incorrect form is that the group of muscles that you are working on will not be able to tone up as effectively. Thirdly, if you use the wrong muscles to assist you in carrying out your workout, the number of calories that you will be burning will be considerably less so you will lose less weight.
  • All-round view – large mirrors in your home or garage gym will enable you to see yourself from behind and the sides so you can get a more efficient view of your actions.
  • Balance – when you have a mirror to look at yourself in while exercising, you will be able to check that you are distributing weight evenly and that you are evenly spacing your shoulders and feet. This is very true for dance studio mirrors.
  • Better posture – when you have installed a mirror in your gym, you will be able to keep an eye on your posture at all times. It is important to keep your stomach held in firmly for many workouts, so if you are working on your core and abs, mirrors are worth their weight in gold to ensure that you use the correct alignment. This will also ensure that no inappropriate pressure is being placed on your neck or back.
  • Affordable – large gym mirrors are relatively low cost and are certainly cheaper than paying for a personal trainer to act as your spotter when working out at home. By literally keeping an eye on yourself you can check you are performing your reps properly without cheating, bending and cutting corners. You will immediately be able to see parts of the body that are not being pushed hard enough and you won’t develop bad habits which you then struggle to break.
  • Determine your progress – once you have established a training or workout routine, a mirror will enable you to see clearly the improvements that you are making when carrying out your exercise regime and the additional strength you have developed.
  • Motivation – a mirror can help you to see your new muscle development. While it is possible to look at yourself in the bedroom or bathroom mirror, this is not quite as revealing as watching your muscles bulge while exercising. When your muscles start to look more impressive in the mirror, you will feel more motivated to continue working out and pushing yourself harder.
  • Brightening the space – if you are exercising in a dark room or garage, a mirror can help to brighten it up and give the illusion of more space. It will also make the room more inviting and appealing making you more keen to use the space to exercise.

Final Thoughts

There are many excellent reasons for you to install mirrors in your home or garage gym. Enabling you to maintain form to prevent injury helps ensure maximum effectiveness from your workout, they take the role of a spotter and help you to track how well you are doing to maintain your motivation. These five mirrors are some of the best options for your home gym, representing great value for money and the ideal way to view yourself to the best possible effect as you exercise to ensure that you keep the correct posture and balance throughout your regime.