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best ab belts for a great sixpack

Are you looking for a slimmer midsection? Or maybe you are desiring washboard abs?

Feel like you have tried every ab exercise out there to help with your beach body, but progress is slow?

If you are struggling to tone and strengthen your core with little to no results, it might be time to consider an electronic ab toning belt. Electronic ab belts give you a passive workout and help you to get that six-pack. The belt stimulates your muscles allowing them to contract and release without painful exercises.

With celebrity endorsements, it is easy to see why electric ab belts are so popular. Many people think these belts are a new fad, a trend that will soon go away, but the fact is they have been proven to give results in numerous clinical trials.

If you want to get faster results, you will need to use the electric ab stimulator in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Electric ab toning belts will help you burn more calories as the belt speeds up your metabolism due to the increased body heat the electrical pulses create.

To boost the results of your ab belt, we recommend a good fat burner to go with it. Our guide on the best ab supplements covers these in detail.

Top 12 Best Ab Belts

  Ab Belt Review
#1MarCoolTrip MZ
5 out of 5 stars
MarCoolTrip MZClick For MarCoolTrip MZ stomach toner PriceBest overall. Great vavlue for money.
#2flex belt
4.9 out of 5 stars
The Flex BeltClick For Flex Belt PriceQuick visible results.
#3Slendertone Connect Abs
4.8 out of 5 stars
Slendertone Connect AbsClick For Slendertone Connect Abs PriceWorlds first Smart Ab Belt.
#4Slendertone Abs7
4.4 out of 5 stars
Slendertone Abs7Click For Slendertone Abs7 PriceGreat programmable functions.
#5Beurer EM37
4.3 out of 5 stars
Beurer EM37Click For Beurer EM37 PriceWell built with and has high intensity.
#6Slendertone Abs3
4.1 out of 5 stars
Slendertone Ab3Click For Slendertone Abs3 PriceA simpler version of the Abs7.
#7Famidoc FDES107
3.9 out of 5 stars
Famidoc FDES107Click For Famidoc FDES107 PriceGood value for money.
#8MBODY Ab Toner
3.8 out of 5 stars
MBODY Ab TonerClick For MBODY Ab Toner PriceWraps around to target the obliques. Comes with arm/leg straps too.
#9DOMAS toner
3.7 out of 5 stars
DOMAS TonerClick For DOMAS Toner PriceNice control functions.
#10OWAYS massage belt
3.6 out of 5 stars
OWAYS MasssagerClick For OWAYS Masssager PriceMassage belt with heat and vibrate functions.
2.1 out of 5 stars
Smarssen Ab BeltClick For Smarssen Belt PriceFrom a medical manufacturer. Difficult to use.
#12easy body shredder
1.6 out of 5 stars
Easy Body ShredderClick For Easy Body Shredder PriceA selection of belts for use over the body. But poor build quality.

#1 – MarCoolTrip MZ StimulatorMarCoolTrip MZ

The best abdominal stimulator at the moment is the MarCoolTrip MZ. It offers great performance and value for money.

The belt requires the application of water to the electrodes before wearing it, instead of gel pads that some other manufacturers require. The battery is rechargeable via USB. These benefits make it a very cheap device to run.

I found the controls easy to use and the thin profile makes it portable, making it useful when away from home.

It features 6 exercise programs with intensities ranging from 1 to 15. The device has only a small LCD display. But with just 3 buttons, it is extremely easy to use.

  • Waist Size: 27″ – 43″
  • Intensity levels: 12
  • Exercise Modes: 6
  • Battery: Rechargeable


  • No gel electrodes required
  • Rechargeable
  • FDA cleared
  • Simple to use


  • Lacks advanced features

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#2 – The Flex Beltflex belt

The Flex Belt was the first electronic belt recognized by the FDA as a way to strengthen, tone, or firm up your abdominal muscles. It is also one of the top ab belts on the market that we have found.

While it has celebrity endorsements such as Denise Richards, the Flex Belt also went through a six-week clinical trial to prove to consumers that it does work.

100% of users found that their abs felt more toned and firm.

92.3% agreed that the firmness felt the same as it would have if they just completed a typical ab workout rather than using an electronic ab belt. The device is in no way a shortcut to firmer abs or a 6 pack so to achieve the best results you ideally need to diet and exercise.

It is comfortable to wear and contains three pre-positioned gel pads uniquely placed to cover your external obliques, central abdominals, and transversus abdominis to create a great electric ab workout. The Flex Belt uses electronic muscle stimulation to contract and relax your abdominal muscles.

The intensity levels of the ab stimulator belt range from 1 to 150 and must be selected for each side of the stomach toning belt. There are also smaller devices available for other body parts such as arms and the Flex Mini for toning buttocks and thighs.

flex belt package

The device is manufactured by Bio Medical Research Ltd, the same creator of Slendertone products. So you can use Slendertone branded gel replacement pads with it. The remote control is very easy to use as it features only a few buttons and an LCD screen.

The manufacturer recommended that users start on the lower end and gradually work their way up to a higher intensity. The Flex Belt has a rechargeable battery and comes with a charging adapter to recharge it. For battery life, users can expect about four or five 30-minute workouts for a single charge.

A 41-person research study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed that ab belt users lost 1.4 inches from their midsection when compared to the control group. Researchers concluded that this was due to stronger abdominal muscles pulling in the abdomen rather than belly fat loss.

The toning programs make use of a concept called muscle confusion to avoid a plateau and enhance results. The pads come with a shield to protect them when they are not in use and failure to use these shields means replacing the gel pads sooner rather than later. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Read our Flex Belt Review.

  • Waist Size: 24″ – 52″ (a belt extension is included for 44″ and larger)
  • Intensity levels: 150
  • Exercise Modes: 10
  • Maximum Power: 75mA
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Best toning belt on the market
  • Backed by research studies
  • Variety of exercise modes
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Costs more than others

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#3 – Slendertone Connect Absflex belt

Slendertone is probably the most popular brand when it comes to abs stimulators and this is their most technologically advanced belt. We like to call it the world’s first smart belt.

The key feature of this device is that it has smartphone integration and is driven by its own Slendertone Connect app on IOS and Android. Via this app, it is possible to track progress, plan your workouts and set goals for toning.

The free Slendertone Connect App is available on iTunes and the Google Play store.

The app uses Bluetooth to connect to the bel. It is very motivational and provides reminders to use the belt along with notifications that can be sent to other devices such as a computer or tablet.

Tracking progress towards your ab toning goals with added recommendations and achievements adds a whole lot more to the world of abs belts. This technology does come at a higher price tag but its features are unparalleled putting it way ahead of anything else on the EMS device market.

The belt itself is made from lycra material. It is slim and lightweight so it can be worn under clothes and uses Slendertone’s patented three-pad placement. The Connect Abs is FDA-cleared and features 5 goal-orientated programs. They are Post Natal, Fitness, Advanced Toning, Upcoming Event, and Essential Toning. These programs are customizable with a length of 6 weeks for each at 5 sessions per week. They all vary in difficulty and last around 30 minutes per toning session.

The Post Natal is the lightest program and is stated to be suitable from 6 weeks after childbirth.

The Connect Abs also features 100 levels of intensity. This means fewer increments than the Flex Belt but it has a slightly higher maximum power output at 80 milliamps with great battery life. A close runner-up to this is the Slendertone Corefit which does not have smart capabilities.

Read our Slendertone review.

  • Waist Size: 24″ – 42″
  • Intensity levels: 100
  • Exercise Modes: 5
  • Maximum Power: 80mA
  • Battery: Rechargeable via USB
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Smart capability
  • Progress tracking
  • Good battery life


  • Does not fit larger waists

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#4 – Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Tonerslendertone abs7

If you are looking for a medical-grade electronic ab toner belt that has been cleared for use by the FDA for firming, strengthening, and toning ab muscles the Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Toner is an excellent choice.

Even better is that the Slendertone Abs7 has been clinically demonstrated to provide actual results that you can see and feel. A clinical study done by the Department of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse found that 100% of users who used the ems belt for 30 minutes a day five times per week found they had firmer, toner, and stronger abs. The simple-to-use controller features an LCD display.

With the Slendertone Abs7 you are guaranteed to get a complete core workout.

With this electrostimulation belt, you are getting perfect abdominal contractions, so all your stomach muscles are exercised at once. Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Toner utilizes a rechargeable system to provide electrical muscle stimulation.

Abs7 features seven programs ranging from beginner to advanced, as well as 3 active programs. With 150 intensity levels, you can customize a comfortable and effective workout session for you. The Abs7 electrical abs belt fits 27 to 47 inches and comes with three medical-grade gel adhesive pads.

The device also has the option to add an arm belt (different sizes for men and women) which can be used to tone the arm muscles. For the greatest results and to lose weight, the Slendertone Abs7 should be used in combination with healthy eating and regular exercise.

  • Waist Size: 27″ – 47″
  • Intensity levels: 150
  • Exercise Modes: 10
  • Maximum Power: 75mA
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Clinically proven results
  • Extensive programs and intensities


  • Requires some time to learn to use it correctly

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#5 – Beurer EM37Beurer EM37

The EM37 is manufactured by the 100-year-old German company Beurer. It consists of a flexible ab trainer belt with 4 conductive carbon electrodes. It has 5 training programs lasting 22 to 31 minutes with 40 adjustable intensity levels.

A great feature of this device is it used water contact electrodes and so does not require gel or replacement electrodes in the long term. This reduces recurring costs in the future. The device features a removable control unit with an upward-facing LCD screen.

  • Waist Size: 28″ – 55″
  • Intensity levels: 40
  • Exercise Modes: 5
  • Maximum Power: 140mA
  • Battery: 3 AAA batteries
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • No gel or electrode replacement required
  • Longer warranty period than other models
  • High power output
  • Very well built


  • Requires batteries

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#6 – Slendertone Abs3 Abdominal Tonerslendertone abs3

Manufactured by a home muscle toning industry leader, the Slendertone Abs3 Abdominal Muscle Toner has been proven to strengthen, tone, and firm up your abdominal muscles.

The Slendertone Abs3 stimulates the nerves in your abdomen to contract and relax as they would during the course of regular exercise. The constant muscles contracting and relaxing with the three medical-grade adhesive gel pads are what lead to firmer and stronger abdominal muscles.

With the Abs3 device, there are 99 levels of power to choose from.

The Slendertone Abs3 device is powered by three AAA batteries that come with your purchase. The Abs3 features seven different programs that range from beginner to advanced, so there is something for everyone.

Along with the different fixed program choices, users also have control over the intensity of the small electrical signals. The belt will fit a waist as small as 24 inches but can go up to a maximum of 46 inches. With daily 30-minute sessions, it can take up to 8 weeks to see any results, but some users report seeing results in as little as six weeks. To achieve the best results you will need to combine the Abs3 with regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet.

  • Waist Size: 24″ – 52″
  • Intensity levels: 99
  • Exercise Modes: 7
  • Maximum Power: 70mA
  • Battery: 3 AAA batteries
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Significantly cheaper than other Slendertone models
  • Fits larger waists


  • The controller is not handheld
  • Requires batteries

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#7 – Famidoc FDES107 Ab Toning BeltFamidoc FDES107

Famidoc is a Chinese manufacturer with a product line of medical equipment including TENS devices, blood pressure monitors, and thermometers. It has 10 EMS programs and 20 levels of intensity. The pre-set programs last between 20 and 30 minutes.

The device uses water for the contact between the 4 electrodes and the skin. So it does not require gel. It is a simpler device when compared to others on our list but it comes at a lower price.

  • Waist Size: 24″ – 45″
  • Intensity levels: 20
  • Exercise Modes: 10
  • Maximum Power: 90mA
  • Battery: 3 AAA batteries
  • Warranty: 90 days


  • Value for money
  • Has a higher power output than some others


  • Requires the skin to be well-moistened to operate

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#8 – MBODY Ab Tonermbody toner

The MBODY abdominal belt comes as a package of 2 arm pads and a separate abdomen toning belt. The core strengthening belt has 12 gel pad electrodes which are a lot more than most other ab toning devices. It features 6 modes for training and 9 levels of intensity.

The batteries are rechargeable with an included USB cable, which is surprising at this price. The arm pads have a particularly intense effect but the outer pads on the abdomen belt are significantly weaker.

  • Waist Size: 24″ – 59″
  • Intensity levels: 9
  • Exercise Modes: 6
  • Battery: Rechargeable


  • USB rechargeable
  • Replacement pads are cheap


  • Limited exercise programs
  • Electrodes around the love handles are weaker

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#9 – DOMAS Abdomen TonerDOMAS belt

Domas is a Chinese manufacturer of electronic products from TENS units to face massagers. The Domas belt features 8 modes and 10 intensity levels. The device consists of 2 large electrodes and has a handheld controller with a nicely backlit LCD display making it simple to use.

It also comes with a storage bag and extension belt for larger waists.

  • Intensity levels: 10
  • Exercise Modes: 8
  • Maximum Power: 80mA
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • FDA approved
  • Backlit LCD display


  • Only 2 electrodes

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#10 – OWAYS Slimming BeltOWAYS massager

The OWAYS belt isn’t an EMS belt but uses vibration, massaging, and heat around the midsection instead. This type of unit is suitable for stomach tightening, assisting digestion, and helping to relieve menstrual pain. The unit uses 4 massage modes and 4 vibration modes that last 20 minutes each.

The machine only has 3 control buttons and a power button. So it is very easy to use.

  • Waist Size: 42″
  • Battery: Mains power
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Very easy to use
  • Massage, heat and vibrate functions


  • No EMS capability

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#11 – Smarssen Electric Muscle Tonersmarssen ab belt

This patent-protected EMS Muscle Toner manufactured by the Matisse Corporation is an FDA-approved device that safely tones and improves abdominal strength. Although the device is marketed for your abdominal muscles, it can be used on your thighs, quads, biceps, legs, or any other muscle.

The Smarssen Electric Muscle Toner uses electrical muscle stimulation technology to contract and relax your muscles via a small electrical pulse. The constant muscle movements simulate an abdominal workout to tone the targeted muscle groups.

The Smarssen Electric Muscle Toner is one of the easiest devices to use.

Using the Smarssen while you are working out will allow the device to activate additional nerves in your body. Activating these additional nerves allows more areas of your body to be stimulated during your workout, which increases the effects of the workout. It also features a massage function for better blood flow.

The unit comes with an LCD controller that provides you with total control. With the Smarssen you can adjust time settings and frequency to create customized toning sessions. You also have the option of choosing from 10 intensity levels and 6 core workout programs. For best results, you will want to use the device 25 minutes a day for a period of 8 weeks. After the eight weeks are up, you can cut down to two or three workout sessions a week.

  • Intensity levels: 10
  • Exercise Modes: 6
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries


  • Good customization settings
  • Comes with an extension strap


  • Not very easy to use

Click For Smarssen Belt Price

#12 – Easy Body Shredder Electric Abdominal Toning Belteasy body shredder

If you are looking for an FDA-approved product that will work your Oblique Muscles at the same time as your Upper & Lower Abs look no further than the Easy Body Shredder Electric Abdominal Toning Belt.

Like other electric ab belts, you can improve your core strength and tone your muscles without working out, but you will see better and faster results if you combine the Easy Body Shredder with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The Easy Body Shredder doesn’t just work on the abs; it also works to firm up your arms and legs.

2 AAA batteries power the Easy Body Shredder’s control unit. With the abdominal muscle stimulator belt, the electrical impulses are sent to three gel pads; with the arm/leg bands, one gel pad is used for each band.

The Easy Body Shredder ab workout belt uses a Velcro adjustment to fit a variety of waist sizes. The device also comes with two expansion belts to fit larger waists. Users have the option to adjust the intensity settings and select one of 6 different workout programs. The manufacturer recommends using the Easy Body Shredder daily for a minimum of 30 minutes, but no more than 45 minutes.

  • Waist Size: 40″
  • Intensity levels: 10
  • Exercise Modes: 6
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries


  • FDA cleared
  • Comes with leg & arm straps


  • Poor build quality
  • Won’t fit larger waists

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The Benefits of Ab Stimulators

One of the biggest advantages of EMS ab belts is they can be used by people who cannot participate in traditional abdominal exercises. Automatic ab belts can rehabilitate your abdominal muscles as well as strengthen them. They are more than just gadgets or gimmicks!

Many people wonder if ab belts work. Electronic ab toning belts were not designed to replace sit-ups, exercise routines, or using a gym. They were created to supplement regular exercise programs. So that can also offer a benefit for those with a busy life. While ab stimulators provide numerous benefits, they are not an effective weight loss solution on their own, and they will not work miracles.

A study was conducted in the Journal Of Sports Science and Medicine with EMS belts. Subject used a Slendertone EMS belt for 8 weeks, 5 days a week for 20 – 40 minutes per session. They did not take part in any additional exercise. The subjects had a 58% increase in abdominal strength, a 100% increase in abdominal endurance and a 3.5cm decrease in waist size. The study also concluded that the high-quality electrodes on the Slendertone product played a part in the results.

Research studies have been performed as far back as 1987 on the effectiveness of electrical stimulation and belt technology. Early studies revealed that muscle stimulators can be useful in the treatment of a back injury. These were helpful for physical therapists to use with their patients to prevent muscle atrophy where traditional exercise was too painful to participate in. They have also been used to prevent muscle spasms.

Generally, these electronic devices work areas of the torso but the actual muscle activation can vary greatly depending on the belt. Cheaper devices will only aim to exercise the rectus abdominis and external oblique muscles. Superior devices will have electrodes in a better placement to ensure that they also work the transverse abdominis and internal oblique muscles.

EMS Technology

More recent studies have shown the beneficial effects of EMS technology on mobilization and muscle strength for critically ill or seriously injured patients. Many of these abdominal exercise belts are cleared by the FDA for these reasons and are based on research for physical therapy and treating medical conditions such as muscular atrophy and rehabilitation.

The muscle activity caused by these belts creates tears in muscle fibers which results in muscular hypertrophy.

This type of scientific research is a good thing to look out for due to many manufacturers’ advertising practices in the past. Manufacturers of this type of equipment have to be careful with their health claims and advertising. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a number of complaints about misleading claims, efficacy standards, and advertisements.

One of the most overlooked benefits of electric ab belts is relaxation. Many users overlook the fact that the electrical impulses are massaging your muscles while stimulating your nerves with a slight tingling sensation in the abs and obliques. The massaging effect of the electrical pulses can help you to relieve stress and fight fatigue.

These effects can increase serotonin levels, improve your mood, and increase your overall energy. The best part is that many EMS devices are small and discreet so you can use them anywhere and anytime. They are often made from a breathable material you can easily wear them under your clothes even while you are exercising.

Flex Belt Vs Slendertone

The Flex Belt and Slendertone are two of the names in EMS belts. But they are actually both manufactured by the same company. This is Bio-Medical Research Ltd based in Ireland.

They are both classed as Class II medical devices by the FDA. This means that the device needs special attention over the standard guidelines to make sure that the device is safe for consumers.

flex belt contents

They have some similarities such as both are wide belts covering the entire abdomen. The electrode pads are similarly shaped and they are also in a very similar position. They both also have a 2-year warranty and supply a low-voltage electrical current to the body.

You may have noticed that the Flex Belt comes in at a higher price. This is because of its superior features. The differences are the controller unit, the number of pre-set programs, intensity levels, belt material, and battery. Here are just a few important differences:

  • Flex Belt has 10 programs vs Slendertone’s 7
  • Flex Belt has 150 intensity levels vs Slendertone’s 99

Buying Electronic Ab Belts

Now that you know how beneficial electric ab belts can be chances are you want to go out and buy one. While electric ab stimulators can be a great addition to regular exercise and a proper diet, you should have the right expectations for the results. sixpack portrait

The best ab toning belts are designed for a variety of purposes but you can’t try one out at the store for hygiene reasons. So it’s best to check out independent ab belt reviews online.

Some ab stimulation belts make the workout process easier; others help improve posture, while some are used to strengthen weak muscles. If your goal is to burn more calories while working out then find a waist belt that will help you sweat more. You want an abs machine that works for you, but don’t expect amazing weight loss or fat burning from using a belt alone.

If a pacemaker or any other electrical implanted device, you should not use an ab belt!

The body location of the muscle trainer is also something to consider. To help strengthen your core muscles you want to find a belt that wraps around the midsection. This is important because it causes you to stand up taller, as well as straighter. Correct posture pulls your abdominal muscles tight and works on strengthening them as you stand.

Abdominal Toning & Weight Loss

When comparing the various toning belts, you want to avoid ones that make false promises. You need to avoid an ab cruncher belt from a manufacturer that makes claims that sound too good to be true! The best example of this is the belts that claim to do all of the exercises for you. You also want to steer clear of ones that say that they will provide you with immediate results.

Ab stimulator belts are not intended to do the exercising for you; they are designed to be used in conjunction with a good diet, ideally with a calorie deficit and cardio exercise for the best muscle definition and aesthetic appearance. One of the biggest factors in six-pack visibility is how much subcutaneous body fat is in your stomach area. The best toning belts will help tone your muscles, but they are not designed to burn fat. Any manufacturers that make false claims of reducing body fat or in their marketing should be avoided.

Don’t get ab belts confused with waist trainers or sauna belts. These are completely different and do not stimulate the muscles in any way. Their design will increase the core temperature around that around the midsections to cause sweating. This leads to the removal of toxins and a loss in water weight.

Watch Out For Cheap Ab Belts!

Some online stores (including Amazon and eBay) have cheaper products that you should be wary of. They might look similar to the Sixpad belt that was released in the UK and promoted by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sixpad commercial

Firstly, many of these cheaper devices do not mention if they are FDA cleared. Another thing to consider is that they do not have firm supporting data for the results of their device, unlike the better-known brands. These budget devices are often from Chinese manufacturers and commonly have poor instructions or sometimes have no instructions provided with them at all. It is often difficult to find any information about these devices apart from on the sales page.

Using cheap products can put you at risk of side effects such as:

  • Shocks
  • Skin irritation
  • Burns

You should be very cautious about using such products.  Be aware that some products have the possibility of interfering with pacemakers and defibrillators. If you are ever unsure about the suitability of a product, consult your doctor or a medical professional.

If you have had liposuction, a cesarean, or a tummy tuck, you should also consult your surgeon to ensure that a device won’t cause issues in the incision area.


If you don’t have a physical ailment preventing you from exercising, a great alternative is to perform exercises to strengthen your trunk and improve your abdominal endurance.


This is the most commonly utilized exercise to build the ab muscles. They are particularly good for the midsection because they are an isolation exercise that concentrates on those muscles. While these can seem intimidating and difficult at first, remember it is the same for any type of new exercise.

Swiss Ball

You can sit on a stability ball/swiss ball. This forces your body to use the abs. Particularly, the rectus abdominis to support the spine and the obliques to keep your torso in position. Simple rocking back and forth will encourage strength improvements and if you want to step it up, you can perform a variety of crunches or planks on the swiss ball.

Conclusion – Which Ab Belt Is Best?

The best ab belt is the Flex Belt. This is clear from our testing and research. Electric ab belts have been clinically proven to help strengthen, tone, and firm up abdominal muscles, but only when they are used and worn properly.

If you are serious about adding an electric ab stimulator belt to your workout routine, you want to make sure you find the best. The top-rated ab belts increase the effectiveness of your workout to help you achieve your desired results. Electrical muscle stimulation can sometimes be uncomfortable, so make sure the belt you choose is not.