flex belt package

A belt that can get you a toned abdomen without breaking a sweat? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? But scientific technology incorporated with all that mass production that has to offer us, this is just another breakthrough that’s become the talk of the town.

We understand how some of us just can not practice self-control when we’re hungry. We mean, with all those delicious food items and your ability to gain each pound you consume, it’s absolutely unfair to subject yourself to torturing self-restraint.

Then there are people who can not simply afford all those fancy gyms and personal trainers. The new mommies who went out of shape and have been struggling to lose a pound here and there. Those with a hectic lifestyle the cannot invest a lot of time into exercising. We get it; it’s hard. Consistent motivation is hard to work with.

But then again there are so many products out there claiming to work, and you’re just too skeptical about trying. Diet teas, detox formulas, laxatives, protein diet shakes are all part of the unending list. It’s only fair to want to invest your hard-earned money into something that sounds and feels legit. This brings us to the topic under discussion – the Flex Belt.

What is the Flex Belt?

It’s a belt. As the name suggests, that you wrap around your midsection. The company claims that they use medical graded simulated technology that tones, strengthens and firms your abdomen. All you have to do is wear the belt, whether at home or office for a few hours a day and you’ll be able to see a visible difference in a matter of weeks. Sounds hassle-free, right?

But let’s delve into the details to figure out how it exactly works. What’s the catch. Does it really achieve what it claims? What about the side effects? We do have questions after all.

EMS Belt Technology

So basically, the Flex Belt is an electric muscle stimulator (EMS) device or EMS belt. The inside of the belt is lined with carefully strategically positioned three medical-grade gel pads. When powered on, the EMS sends out electrical impulses to the gel pads that mimic the action of muscle contraction and relaxation upon the abdominal muscles. This coupled action is in fact how our muscles act when we perform actual exercises, increasing tension in the mid-section, causing the calories and fat to burn.

flex belt electrode pads

Since this movement is directed at the mid-section only, so it’s safe to say that the effects target that specific area only. It targets to strengthen and tone all of your belly muscles including upper and lower abs, obliques and love handle.

Why should I invest in the Flex Belt?

Being skeptical is natural. The market is full of fitness products that make larger than life claims, cost a hefty amount and fail to deliver. Additional side effects of use are regarded as collateral damage to the actual misery.

The first reason that let us pull our guards down is that it is FDA approved. It is approved for the purpose of ‘toning, strengthening and firming abdominal muscles.’ This means that the manufacturers had to prove their claims to the authorities along with handing over their research and developmental data to be thoroughly evaluated to receive the approval.

Apart from that, the EMS technology that we mentioned earlier has been vastly seen being implemented in sports and fitness department, physiotherapy and athletic sciences, rehabs, and recoveries. This method allows one to target a certain area of the body, put it under the ‘exercise mode’ without affecting the rest of the body like exerting pressure on tendons and joints. This product claims no side effects but its always safe to check up on it with your physician.

Device Operation

I’m certainly not the most technical person around. But I found the product easy to get started with and operate.

The manufacturer has done a good job of making the operation of the device as simple as possible. They have made it accessible to a wide range of users by not making it overcomplicated to use.

There are three steps involved in the setting up the device:

  1. Charge the device
  2. Connect the belt and controller together
  3. Put the gel pads onto the belt

Once this is done, you are ready to protective covers from the gel pads and place the belt into the body in the desired position. This is all described in the instructions.

There are only a few buttons on the controller that need to be used for operation. The Up and Down buttons control intensity. The others are for programs, information and on/off.

The buttons are clearly labeled. You don’t want to accidentally increase the intensity when you mean to switch the unit off! The controller unit also features an LCD display which is used to show a countdown of how long is left in a session.

Benefits of The Flex Belt

The vast majority of the population can use the Flex Belt. There are hardly any reservations. It requires a 30 minutes session per day during which it is estimated that the abdominal muscles will contract up to 150 times. It’s ideal for use by:

  • Fitness enthusiasts – people who enjoy everything a healthy body has to offer. It’s a great addition to any workout routine or everyday body maintenance lifestyle.
  • Patients – people who cannot get up, are bed or wheelchair-bound due to disease/surgery/accidents and are in the process of healing. Stimulated exercises can add to the healing process. It is advised to use the Flex Belt only after consultation with a physician in such cases.
  • Painful joints – People who have weak joints or are suffering from conditions like arthritis. They cannot perform rigorous exercises and gaining weight especially around the mid-section adds to their misery. Therefore, this belt can help them keep in shape.
  • Time-bound – whether people handling jobs with shifts or parents with young kids who barely get any time to themselves. Let alone hit the gym. This is ideal since it can be easily worn and perform everyday tasks without any discomfort.

While it’s a great way to tone belly muscles, what the Flex Belt does not claim to do is burn fat. It is not an alternative to liposuction, nor does it in any way claim to be. The fat around the midsection, depending on age, race, alcohol consumption and metabolism is stubborn. To work on that, one needs to work on other aspects as well simultaneously.


Does The Flex Belt Work On Love Handles?

The electrodes will wrap around the midsection to cause the abdominal muscles under the love handles to contract. With these muscles improving in tone, you can expect love handles to appear smaller.


The Flex Belt is easy to recharge and easy to use. It’s hassle-free, safe to use and yes, it does work. It is highly advisable to follow the instruction carefully and use it consistently for the best of the effects. Since these products are produced for the mass majority, there are chances that the results vary from individual to individual. The company offers a 60-day refund policy as well.

We believe these are not the solution entirely, just aids in keeping healthy. The ultimate rule of nurturing health will always be to exercise and eat right. And on top of that, the Flex Belt acts like a cherry on top!