• top weightlifting shoes

    Best Weightlifting Shoes

    Do you want to get your weightlifting or workouts done properly? Want to lift more than ever? Even if you think you’re unfamiliar with weightlifting shoes, you’ve probably seen them without even realizing it. These are the wedged platform sneakers that you see Olympic powerlifters [...]

  • crazy bulk supplements review ft

    Crazy Bulk Review

    Crazy bulk supplements are all over the internet at the moment. We tested them out to see if their products actually work or are a scam.

  • weighted vest woman skipping

    Best 5 Weighted Vests For Women

    Weighted vests are great to add more resistance to you workouts. But for a ladies, it may be difficult to find one that suits your. We have found the top weight vests for women in our weighted vest guide.

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  • workout sandbag

Why Workout With Sandbags?

If you’re a fitness enthusiast you know that strength training is crucial for your overall goals when done along with your normal cardio. Free weights and weight machines work great, but if you’re growing tired of the typical workouts, try something different.

  • ripped abs

Benefits Of Ab Belts

February 17th, 2018|0 Comments

The Benefits Of Using An Electronic Ab Belt Toned abs are probably on everyone’s wish list as they [...]

  • benefits of womens weightlifting shoes

Benefits Of Weightlifting Shoes For Women

February 12th, 2018|0 Comments

Many people think they just need weights to workout and overlook the many benefits of using the correct footwear. Proper weightlifting shoes can provide many benefits, particularly to ladies.

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  • brute force training sandbag

Brute Force Sandbag Review

We put the Brute Force training sandbag through it's paces and were thoroughly impressed with what we found.

Marcy Elite Smith Functional Trainer Review

The Marcy Diamond Smith Machine & Functional Trainer is a complete home workout package that will rival any gym. We take an in-depth look at the machine in our review.

  • fitgirl womens weightlifting belt

FITGIRL Womens Weightlifting Belt Review

FITGIRL Womens Weightlifting Belt Review Tired of having to make do with men’s weight lifting belts? Ready to try one that was designed exclusively for women? If this sounds like you now is the time [...]

  • harbinger womens weightlifting belt

Harbinger Womens Belt Review

Harbinger Womens Weight Lifting Belt Review The Harbinger women's weightlifting belt features a lightweight foam padding. Being designed specifically for women, the belt is 5 inches in width. It is black in color but the [...]

  • fire team fit womens belt

Fire Team Fit Belt Review

Fire Team Fit Belt Review Fire Team Fit are a reasonably new company with a few innovative products on offer. Here we are looking at the Fire Team Fit weightlifting belt. The belt is suitable [...]

  • bowflex revolution

Bowflex Revolution Review

Bowflex Revolution Review As we all know, exercising regularly will lead to overall better health. Doctors and physicians are always emphasizing the importance of regular exercise. If you're a busy person, there is the problem [...]

  • RDX cow hide weight belt

RDX Nubuck Cow Hide Belt Review

RDX Nubuck Cow Hide Belt Review The RDX Cow Hide Belt is a 4 inch wide and 10mm thick belt and on first appearances it looks very different to a standard black leather lifting belt.  It [...]

  • ader belt review

Ader Leather Belt Review

Ader Leather Belt Review The Ader belt is 4 inches in height and is 3/8 inches in thickness.  It is available in alternate colours such as red, blue and there is also a striped version [...]

  • valeo padded weightlifing belt

Valeo Padded Leather Belt Review

Valeo Padded Leather Belt Review The Valeo lifting belt is a popular choice among many people.  It is constructed from 6mm thick leather with double stitched edging. The buckle is double pronged and two loops [...]

  • inzer forever lever belt

Inzer Forever Lever Belt Review

Inzer Forever Lever Belt Review This belt actually goes by two names.  The Inzer Forever Lever Belt and the Crain Xtreme Power Belt.  Both of these companies have a reputation for providing well constructed and long-lasting [...]