Top Pre Workout Flavors

Pre-workout supplements will help you get the most out of your workouts. They contain ingredients that help to prepare your body with much-needed energy and focus to perform your workout.

However, it is an unfortunate fact that some pre-workouts do not taste good. Some taste too much like chemicals, while others are just really difficult to swallow.

So, to prevent wasting your money on an unappetizing pre-workout supplement, we have researched and compiled the 10 best tasting options on the market. This way, you do not need to stress out about the taste of the supplement.

You can look forward to drinking them because they are simply delicious!

Top 10 Pre-Workouts With The Best Taste

#1 – Blackwolf Pre-Workout Supplement

Blackwolf blue raspberry
When it comes to delicious tasting pre-workouts, Blackwolf is on top of any recommendation list. It is super tasty.

There are 3 flavors for you to choose from; green, apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch, so there is a sure option that will suit your taste buds making the best pre-workout for taste. Blackwolf’s punch flavor is also caffeine-free. So if you do not like getting caffeine crashes, this might be the top choice among their three flavor options.

Besides having delicious flavors, Blackwolf’s pre-workout supplement is also packed with some good ingredients that are claimed to provide you with endurance, heightened focus, and higher energy levels.

Some of the noteworthy ingredients it contains are L-Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, Taurine, L-Tyrosine, Dynamine, and Beta Anhydrous, among others. Each ingredient in this pre-workout is backed up by scientific studies.

Blackwolf is very transparent with its ingredients without any propriety blends. So you know exactly what you are drinking. Their products are also proudly manufactured in the United States in facilities that are GMP certified, and FDA approved.


  • Best tasting pre-workout flavors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Transparent with their ingredient list
  • Energy boosting ingredients


  • It has only one caffeine-free flavor

#2 – Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

Gorilla Mode
Gorilla Mode promises you a massive increase in endurance, muscle strength, energy, intramuscular hydration, and nitric oxide levels with their non-hormonal pre-workout supplement. The supplement contains active ingredients such as Betaine, Creatine, Agmatine, Glycerpump, and L-Citrulline, which are useful for intracellular hydration and a solid muscle pump. It is also one of the best pre-workout supplements for mental focus around.

If you are also looking for a good pre-workout that will help you with mental sharpness and focus, this might just be what you are looking for. It contains high doses of Huperzine A, Kanna, and Nootropics L-Tyrosine to help enhance cognitive ability.

The main reason why this is on its list is that it is one of the best tasting pre-workouts and it is effective. It comes in a variety offlavors; tiger’s blood, mango peach, and fruit punch.

If you want all three flavors, you can have that option as well. By doing so, you will get a discounted price for the bulk purchase.


  • Packed with energy-boosting and focus-enhancing ingredients
  • Tasty flavors
  • Affordable price
  • Transparent ingredients


  • No caffeine-free pre-workout option

#3 – Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout

Transparent Labs lean preworkout
Transparent Labs Lean can be considered a more natural pre-workout. It has no artificial sweeteners and uses stevia, no artificial coloring, gluten-free, non-GMO, and has no artificial preservatives. It also comes in a delicious tropical punch, blue raspberry, sour grape, or orange flavor.

This Transparent Labs supplement is backed by science. It has been thoroughly checked by experts and was formulated with the supervision of licensed dietitians, nutritionists, and researchers.

One of the results that you can expect from the formula is an increased resting metabolic rate making it a good pre-workout for dieting or cutting. Several studies conducted on this product also showed that it helps in increasing resistance to fatigue and improves cognition and reaction time.

The Lean formulation misses out on some of the testosterone boosting complex found in the Bulk version including vitamin D3 and boron.

Furthermore, as its name suggests, Transparent Labs Lean is transparent with its ingredient list, so you know exactly what you are putting in your body. These ingredients include Betains, L-Theanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Hordenine, Chromium, and A-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and a useful amount of amino acids.

The Transparent Labs formula also has a potent Thyroid support complex and fat burning. It is vegan-friendly too!


  • Transparent formula
  • Scientifically backed claims
  • With Thyroid support complex
  • Delicious and tangy flavors
  • No artificial additives
  • Contains BCAAs (amino acids)


  • A bit expensive

#4 – Performance Lab Pre Pre-Workout

Performance Lab Pre
Here’s another vegan-friendly pre-workout that you might want to consider. It mainly helps enhance strength and muscle strength, extend endurance, and boost blood flow.

Unlike the previous options mentioned, this one is in capsule form. You may think that because of this, it might have that typical medicine-like capsule flavor. However, you are mistaken.

The capsules used for this supplement are NutriCaps made of Pullulan, which are cultured Tapioca. If you do not know Tapioca, it’s the same ingredient used in pearls for bubble milk teas. This makes it easy to swallow, delicious and healthy because it contains natural prebiotic fiber.

Performance Lab Pre is fast-acting too. Drink it with 16 to 32 oz. of water around 45 to 60 minutes before a workout to feel its benefit.

Furthermore, unlike some other pre-workout supplements that use a low-grade creatine monohydrate, this one only uses high-quality ingredients that will not cause you jittery caffeine-like effects.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Non-GMO
  • GMP certified


  • A bit more expensive than other options

#5 – Nitro Surge Pre-Workout

Nitro Surge
Are you looking for a pre-workout that can also help you lose weight quicker?

Well, this might just be it. It is ideal for building a better physique while maintaining proportionate muscle.

This food supplement is designed to increase the basal metabolic rate with its synephrine and green tea extract. It is also meant to help prevent hunger cravings thanks to its HTP-5 ingredient which is scientifically proven to suppress hunger cravings and appetite.

Aside from the ingredients mentioned above, this also contains Salicin, L-Theanine, and L-Tyrosine to help improve cognitive functions and mitigate physical stress.

Nitro Surge is also in capsule form. The suggested dosage is 2 capsules a day in the first 3 days. As the days pass, you can gradually increase your intake. If you are wondering how many capsules are in one tub, it’s 120, so if you consume at least 4 capsules a day, a tub will last you for around 1 month, give or take.


  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial coloring


  • A bit expensive

#6 – The Curse Pre-Workout

The Curse
If flavors are the main criteria, The Curse has the most extensive list of options.

They have 8 flavors available; blue raspberry, fruit punch, dark grape, green apple, lemon rush, pina colada, tropical storm, and watermelon.

See The Curse Review.

The crowd favorite flavors are lemon rush and pina colada, while the least popular is the fruit punch variant. If you want to try multiple flavors first, you can get their variety pack. It’s a good sampling size with 5 of their main flavors: blue raspberry, punch, lemon rush, and apple. By buying this first, you can identify which flavor you like before committing to larger tubs, which are more expensive.

As for the benefits, this pre-workout is designed to help increase strength and muscle power. It also helps improve mental focus to get your game up for your workout.

It contains ingredients such as citric acid, creatine monohydrate, and beta-alanine for muscle fuel. Other ingredients it may have are L-citrulline, caffeine anhydrous, and olive leaf extract, among others.

Also, at its price and 50 serving per tub, this one is definitely a good deal. It is relatively more affordable compared to the other products on this list.


  • Wide flavor selection
  • Sample pack option
  • Energy boosting ingredients
  • Affordable


  • Contains artificial flavors and coloring

#7 – MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout

Musclepharm Assault
The MusclePharm Assault is a university-studied pre-workout. It is specifically designed to help modern-day athletes enhance their performance during intensive strength training.

Its creatine monohydrate content is proven to provide strength gains. Meanwhile, its beta-alanine buffers lactic acid build-up after a hardcore exercise. This helps reduce fatigue and allows the user to extend their work out.

This supplement is very easy to take too. All you have to do is mix 1 scoop of it with 8 to 12 oz of water. It is best taken at least 20 to 30 minutes before a workout. However, it is highly recommended to avoid going beyond the suggested daily serving.

As for its flavor, you have 5 options; fruit punch, green apple, strawberry, watermelon, and blue raspberry. They offer a much wider selection than most pre-workout supplements, which is a huge plus.


  • Tested for banned substances
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Reasonably priced
  • 5 flavor selections


  • Not FDA approved
  • May contain allergens such as peanuts, wheat, milk, egg, soybeans, etc.

#8 – Cellucor C4 Extreme Energy Pre-Workout

Cellucor C4 Extreme Energy
Here’s another workout that promises you an explosive energy boost.

The C4 pre-workout by Cellucor has 4 flavors for you to choose from; lemon drop, icy blue razz, cherry limeade, and strawberry kiwi, which are indeed super delicious, and since there are several options to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your preference.

This pre-workout is primarily designed to help increase your energy and endurance. It contains ingredients such as beta-alanine that helps to mitigate the feeling of fatigue. Creatine nitrate helps to boost your nitric oxide levels. It also contains huperzine A to help improve focus.

But unfortunately, it contains a proprietary blend labeled as the “C4 Extreme Energy Blend”.

Each tub of the Cellucor C4 Extreme Energy supplements contains 30 servings. Each serving is suggested to be 1 scoop only, and it should be mixed with 6 to 8 oz of water. It is best taken 20 to 30 minutes prior to starting your workout.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple flavor options
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great ingredients


  • Contains caffeine

#9 – Jym Fitness Pre Jym Pre-Workout

Jym pre jym
The Pre Jym pre-workout contains 13-hand picked ingredients to help improve your performance during intense workout sessions. Each ingredient is claimed to be combined and achieve synergy for better results.

This brand also believes in transparency, so there are no proprietary blends used. When you look at its ingredient panel, you know exactly what’s included and how much of it you are consuming. On that note, some of the ingredients it contains are beetroot extract, caffeine, huperzine A, beta-alanine and citrulline malate.

This pre-workout is among the brands with the widest selection of available flavors. You can choose from; grape candy, black cherry, pineapple strawberry, pink lemonade, rainbow sorbet, refreshing melon, strawberry kiwi, and tangerine. If you notice, most of the flavors are sweet, tangy and definitely mouth-watering.


  • Wide flavor selection
  • Transparent ingredient list
  • Honest branding
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not much product in a container

#10 – Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout

Evlution Nutrition ENGN
Last on this list is the Evlution Nutrition ENGN. It is a pre-workout designed to supercharge your mind and body before an extraneous workout.

It contains ingredients such as L-theanine and huperzine A to provide mental focus. Meanwhile, these ingredients synergize with VitaSure caffeine and caffeine anhydrous to help improve energy and endurance levels. It also contains vitamins B6 and B12 for enhanced vitamin complex.

On top of that, this has a delicious Blue Raz flavor. It is sweet but not too sweet, and it has enough tanginess that makes you look forward to drinking it.


  • Affordable price
  • Transparent ingredient
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Great benefits


  • One Flavor option only

Ingredients Common In Pre Workout Supplements

When you buy a pre-workout, it is important to know what key ingredients to look for. Here are some of the common pre-workout ingredients and what they can offer.


It is important to pay attention to the stimulants in your choice of pre-workout. Most of these supplements have high caffeine content for increased energy and focus. Although caffeine is an excellent stimulant, it might not be good for all types of people. It can result in energy crashes, jitters, or in some other more serious cases, palpitations.

Many people drink coffee before exercise as a more natural pre-workout.

Some pre-workout manufacturers are pretty transparent when it comes to the stimulant ingredients within their products. Many of them also specify how much of it is in their mixture, so it is easy to identify and avoid side effects if you are sensitive.

Some supplements include more natural stimulants such as green coffee bean extract.

Poor sleep can be a side effect of consuming any stimulants late in the day. If you use a workout in the evening or close to bedtime, we recommend using a stimulant-free pre workout.


Several studies show that beta-alanine helps to improve workout performance. This is also why it is very popular among supplements for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It is a type of amino acid and also has no taste.

Beta-alanine produces carnosine when combined with histidine. This carnosine reduces the lactic acid accumulation level in your muscles during a workout, ultimately reducing the feeling of muscle fatigue and improving your overall performance.

Studies also show that beta-alanine extends exhaustion time. This means you can exercise for longer without feeling fatigued and perform longer sets.


Just like beta-alanine, L-Citrulline is also a type of non-essential amino acid. It helps the body improve blood flow and produce nitric oxide.

When L-Citrulline passes through the kidneys, it changes into L-arginine, which is another type of amino acid. This helps improve your immune system and keep your blood vessels and heart in healthy condition.

Another application of L-Citrulline is the treatment of rare genetic conditions. It is also known to be used for treating vascular issues.


Creatine is a natural substance found in red meat that transforms into creatine phosphate when inside the body. This then helps create the substance adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides muscle contraction energy.  In the longer term, creatine use can lead to increased muscle growth.

creatine formula

It is among the most well-researched food supplement ingredients. If this is included in a pre workout formula ingredient list, you know that the supplement has scientifically backed effectiveness.


Vitamins are groups of organic substances. These are essential to help the body develop, grow and for overall health.

When selecting a pre-workout supplement, some brands include vitamins such as Iron or Vitamin B12 to help provide energy. Natural ingredients such as beetroot are also a good source of energy-boosting vitamins.


These supplements can contain a lot of ingredients that don’t taste too great on their own. So some form of sweetener is required to give them a nice flavor.

Most pre-workout products have low-calorie content and don’t contain sugar. So you don’t need to be concerned if your goal is weight loss. But they can sometimes have artificial sweeteners.

You should opt for ones that have natural flavors with sweetening ingredients such as stevia or monk fruit extract.

Now that you know these ingredients better, you will be able to decide better which pre-workout best fits your needs.

Can You Take Both Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Supplements?

Yes, you can take both pre-workout and post-workout supplements. In fact, many will tell you that it is mandatory to do so because they both have specific functions that help you get the most out of your workout.

Many pre-workout supplements contain stimulants including caffeine to give you the rocket fuel for your exercise routine. These are necessary to help your body to perform and concentrate on the workout.

On the other hand, most post workout supplements contain whey protein or some sort of amino acids. This is important for muscle recovery and the growth of muscle mass. Remember, protein is actually the building block of muscles, and without it, they will not grow.

Together with the right pre-workout powder that fits your needs, along with proper workout and nutrition, your fitness goal is surely just within your reach.

Final Words

The taste and flavor of a pre-workout supplement are a big consideration when deciding. This will help you want to look forward to drinking it and having a better workout experience. However, this should not be the only consideration.

You must also pay close attention to the ingredients of the product itself. Make sure that its claims are scientifically proven, and they are accredited and certified by trusted bodies to ensure proper sanitation and manufacturing.

With all that, these reviews and shortlist of 10 best tasting pre-workout are indeed good choices. They are tasty and packed with incredible ingredients. But, by the end of the day, the decision is yours.