supplements for a flat stomach

It’s not just about looking fit and slim, getting a flatter tummy is healthier for you and could save your life. Having fat around the midline (even if you’re not obese or grossly overweight) can pose serious health risks increasing your chance of developing diabetes, certain forms of cancer, and cardiac disease. So, losing the belly bulge, the muffin top, or the beer belly isn’t just a vanity issue!

So why is belly fat dangerous? The body fat just underneath your skin, the kind you can grab and squeeze, is called subcutaneous fat. In the belly, it’s called visceral fat because it builds up in the spaces in between and around your viscera which includes internal organs like your stomach and intestines.

Visceral fat produces toxins that affect the proper functioning of your body.

One of the many toxins is called cytokines, which not only increases your chance of getting heart disease but also makes your body less sensitive to insulin which can make you diabetic. Cytokines are particularly nasty because they also cause inflammation in the body which can trigger certain cancers like colon, esophagus, and pancreatic cancer.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel because there are effective and achievable ways to get rid of belly fat, and anyone can flatten their tummy through the right diet, proper exercise, natural supplements, and getting enough sleep.

Natural Supplements For A Flatter Tummy

Once again we emphasize that any natural supplement taken to lose weight is exactly that – supplementary to a healthy, balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. Always check with your doctor before taking any supplements for weight loss or lean muscle as they may interact with any prescription medications.

Green Tea

Green Tea contains caffeine and polyphenols that speed up your metabolism, helping your body burn calories faster. The antioxidants in green tea also break down an enzyme called norepinephrine, which further stimulates the nervous system to burn fat, among other health benefits.

The recommendation is to drink 2-3 cups per day for a total of 240 to 320 mg polyphenols or 100 to 750 mg per day of standardized green tea extract is recommended for weight loss. Green tea is a stimulant so don’t drink it later than 3pm!

Green tea is included in many fat burners and pills for belly fat. Check out our guide to the best pills to get ripped.

Activated Charcoal

This comes in different forms, from capsules to powder, and traps certain toxins or chemicals and prevents their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract through its tiny pores. Activated charcoal has become something of an urban legend as a weight-loss supplement in belly fat pills and as a detox aid as research studies are inconclusive and there is no data to support this. But it does help with that belly bloat and flatulence.


People on prescription medicine need to be aware that if they do take activated charcoal, it may prevent or change the way their body absorbs the medication and may change the effectiveness of their treatment, so talk with your health practitioner first.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds are fiber-filed and packed with antioxidants and have long been known for their weight loss properties, ability to stabilize blood sugar, and for supporting digestive health. In North Africa, Western Asia, and Europe these flavorful seeds have been used in cooking for centuries. In Germany, caraway is added to aid the digestion of everything from sauerkraut to potato dishes, onion tarts, and, of course, bread.

Just one tablespoon supplies 2.5 grams of fiber, but because they have quite a potent flavor, we recommend adding only a teaspoon to your favorite soup, vegetable dish, curry or salad.

For a caraway tea – add one tablespoon of caraway seeds to 12 ounces of water (about one and a half cups). Put the water into a small saucepan. Place the caraway seeds in the water. Bring the water to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer. Simmer for about ten minutes. Then remove from heat. For a stronger infusion, once it’s done simmering, remove it from the heat then cover your saucepan and allow the tea to sit for a while to brew.

Krill Oil

Consuming sources of DHA and EPA, omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood, may promote weight loss and a flat belly. Elevated blood sugar levels lead to increased insulin secretion, making weight loss difficult and hindering the achievement of a flat belly.

fish oils

Krill Oil, which provides superior absorption of Omega-3 EPA and DHA in its natural phospholipid form, may help in achieving these benefits. Additionally, krill oil may improve heart, brain, eyes, joints, skin, and immune health.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are yet another amazing natural supplement for weight loss and a potent antioxidant. Fennel (or Saunf) speeds up metabolism, aids in digestion, and helps the absorption of nutrients, thereby acting as an appetite suppressant.

In India, they are used for culinary purposes, and to freshen the breath and cleanse the palate after eating. But these aromatic little seeds are also pretty effective in helping cure water retention, especially for women suffering from PMS. Infused fennel water is a therapy to cleanse the gut and helps people suffering from chronic constipation.

Fennel seeds

A tablespoon of fennel seeds gives you about 2 grams of fiber. When making fennel tea, use only a teaspoon, crush, or grind the seeds before adding them to your tea (or cooking) as this helps to release more of the oil and flavor.

Fennel is also available in capsule form. Remember the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber is up to 25–30 grams.

Probiotic Supplements

Many of us already know probiotics are great for irritable bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal infections, and other tummy troubles like bloating and constipation because they help maintain the good bacteria (intestinal flora) in the gut. They have also been shown to be effective in boosting the immune system. But the question when it comes to how to flatten your stomach, research into probiotics for aid weight loss remains inconclusive.

There is one promising study that showed a link between probiotics and weight loss but it was restricted to one probiotic, Lactobacillus rhamnosus. All of the people who took part in the study were obese.

Probiotics are available as supplements or you can eat the following foods that contain them naturally: kefir, kombucha, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, sourdough, and some cheeses.


Magnesium is a mineral naturally occurring in our bodies – in fact, about 60% of the magnesium in your body is in the bones, while the rest is in muscles, soft tissues, and fluids, including the blood. In fact, every cell in your body contains it and needs it to function (magnesium is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions in your body, all of which are necessary for optimal health).

It turns out magnesium is important for weight loss too because it aids digestion, absorption of nutrients, and assists insulin to guide glucose into cells to be used as energy. Without sufficient magnesium, this process is ineffective and the glucose is stored as fat which means insulin levels rise, increasing the risk of diabetes.

Ensure you eat foods high in magnesium like almonds, cashews, and spinach, or ask your doctor about a suitable supplement. Magnesium can be taken any time of day, though some people prefer to take it at night before bed as it has anti-inflammatory and for muscle repair.

Celery Juice

Celery Juice is the “new” green juice that’s being hailed as a miracle juice (according to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop site), because of its nutritional value – celeries contain Vitamin A; Vitamin C; Vitamin K; folate, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, electrolytes, water and smaller amounts of other vitamins and minerals.

celery juice

But it’s been trending as a weight loss supplement too, and while we think switching from high-sugar fruit juices and smoothies to celery juice will no doubt be better for your weight, there is no scientific evidence that links drinking celery juice directly to fat loss. Also, the downside of juicing celery is that you remove the fiber, and fiber is what helps your digestive system function properly, keeps you full, and balances blood sugar levels which ultimately helps you control your weight.

We say give celery juice a try, but consider good old-fashioned celery sticks as a healthy snack in between meals – dip into hummus or tahini for a little flavor or spread a little zero salt-zero-sugar peanut butter on it.

Vitamin D

Individuals with vitamin D deficiency are more susceptible to some illnesses. Illness-induced discomfort may hinder exercise adherence and promote an increase in caloric intake. Optimal vitamin D status appears to upregulate leptin expression, which promotes satiety, thereby suppressing overeating.


Vitamin D has been associated with lower visceral adiposity. This association may be due to the role of vitamin D in downregulating the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, a process that reduces circulating cortisol concentrations and thus, abdominal fat deposition. A University of Minnesota study provided evidence of this inverse association between vitamin D levels and central adiposity.


Ginger is more than just an anti-nausea agent. Its root contains zingibain, a digestive enzyme that may counteract bloating and gas triggered by specific foods.

Ginger may aid in achieving a flat belly by reducing bloating. Post-meal consumption of ginger may be particularly beneficial for protein-containing meals.


Berberine, a compound derived from traditional Chinese medicine, has been recognized for its therapeutic potential in the Western world due to its purported health benefits. One of the proposed advantages of berberine is that it may reduce insulin resistance and prevent the accumulation of fat stores in the body.

When taken in conjunction with Oregon grape extract, berberine may further assist in combating abdominal fat by merging its benefits with the digestive support offered by Oregon grape.


If you are experiencing abdominal fluid retention, consuming hibiscus may aid in the removal of excess fluid from your body without adversely affecting electrolyte levels.


While further human studies are necessary, the inclusion of hibiscus in your routine could support your goal of achieving a flat belly if water retention is the problem.

Final Thoughts

Getting a flatter tummy is totally achievable, so have fun exercising, enjoy delicious healthy food, and take supplements only when necessary, knowing there is no silver bullet to beat the flab. It’s all about being consistent and persistent.