top weighted vests for women

Today, there is more choice than ever when it comes to exercise and workout equipment.

One of the more modern ways to exercise is with a weighted vest. These weight vests are designed to be worn over the torso.  They add extra weight onto the body to provide resistance when working out.

They are an aid to resistance training and improve the wearer’s power by building muscle mass, strength and bone density thus enhancing their performance potential.

If you are a lady, you may have found it difficult to find one designed to fit a female. While there are versions aimed at men, it makes sense to choose one that has been specifically made for women, since the weight distribution will have been designed to suit the female form.

Wearing a female weight vest also helps to avoid the problem of the body adapting to particular movements over time, offering a variation tool which enables the body to benefit from an unconventional method of exercise for an additional boost. They not only help with resistance training but they can also help with cardiovascular workouts too.

In this article, we have created a number of weighted vest reviews and discuss what look for when choosing a women’s weight vest and we cover some of the best weighted vests on the market today.

Our Top Weight Vests For 2020

  Weight Vest Review Summary

4.6 out of 5 stars
MiR Womens VestClick For MiR Vest PriceBest overall. Designed exclusively for ladies with a secure fit and plenty of storage.

4.9 out of 5 stars
Hyper wear Unisex VestClick For Hyperwear Vest PriceExtremely comfortable to wear and looks great too.

4.3 out of 5 stars
ZFO Sports VestClick For ZFO Sports Vest PriceEasily adjustable weights and a snug fit.

4.1 out of 5 stars
Tone Fitness Female VestClick For Tone Fitness Vest PriceCreated for females with sand weights and reflective strips.

3.8 out of 5 stars
RUNFast VestClick For RUNFast VEst PriceVery adjustable for a wide range of body types.

#1 – MiR Adjustable Womens Weighted Vestmir womens weighed vest

In our opininion, MiR Vest is the best weighted vest for women at the moment. A quality weighted vest which is suitable for ladies and comes complete with a large set of weights which can be adjusted up to 60 pounds for an effective workout.

With its durable construction and heavy-duty fabric, this strong vest is comfortable to wear while also being breathable for reduced sweating. It also allows for a lot of adjustment for better comfort and can be comfortably worn by ladies with a larger bust. It is also covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for the buyer’s peace of mind.

Key Features

Measuring just 11 inches in length, the compact size of this vest ensures a snug and comfortable fit, without pressing against the stomach during workouts. It comes complete with 2 different weight options for variety in exercises.

Option one is up to 60 pounds while option two is up to 90 pounds for a heavier resistance workout.

This vest is of the one size fits all type. However, it has been designed to fit the majority of wearers, featuring adjustable velcro straps that are able to be adjusted underneath to alter the vest’s body length to accommodate both shorter and taller wearers. The vest is put on over the head and these adjustments are made quickly and easily by simply sliding the straps through the attached D rings.

The weights are designed to be removable and can be adjusted in increments of 3 pounds to make it easier than ever to either increase or reduce the resistance of your workout.

As an added bonus, the weights have been designed to be higher on the torso in order to improve comfort for the lower body while running.

The fabric of the vest is 1200D heavy duty reinforced nylon which is strong and durable, and the shoulders have been double padded and contoured to the shoulder in order to improve comfort. There is also a mesh vented interior for optimal breathability and moisture wicking to reduce the discomfort experienced due to sweating.

  • Load is located high on the body for better comfort
  • Heavy duty durable reinforced nylon fabric for a long lifespan
  • Mesh vented interior for better breathability and moisture wicking
  • Easily adjustable weights in small increments
  • Easily adjustable straps to accommodate tall and short wearers
  • The padded shoulders make it harder to reach over the head while exercising
  • This vest comes with no care instructions supplied
  • Can be more difficulty to get a tight fit if you are particularly thin or have a small frame

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#2 – Hyperwear Unisex Adjustable Weighted Vesthyperwear weighted womens vest

The Hyperwear is a unisex weight vest with an innovative deisng which is suited to a range of shapes and sizes due to its highly adjustable laced side panels. Although it comes complete with 10lb of mass, this vest is capable of adding extra capacity, and the weights can also be adjusted to different configurations for better comfort.

It fits tightly to the body with a comfortable and unrestrictive fit. This vest can be worn under clothes and is suited to a wide range of workout activities such as walking, running, plyometrics or HIIT.

Key Features

This female weighted vest has been created from a patented design and uses a patented fabric for a professional grade performance. It comes supplied with ten pounds of steel high-density steel weights and also allows for adjustments with enough capacity to take extra load should you wish to add to the challenge.

This vest boasts a slim profile to allow for a complete range of motion, thus facilitating any workout routine, freeing up the arms.

The stretch fabric of the Hyperwear Hyper Vest is comfortable to wear while also being cool thanks to its moisture wicking properties and material, compared to other vests. The material is also resistant to odors so it can be worn without any concerns about sweat and bacteria, while its open sides ensure excellent airflow and ventilation to guard against the chafing and rubbing which can occur due to moisture.

But this lightweight and comfortable fabric comes at a cost. And that cost is that it can wear quickly then vests with heavy duty fabric. For that reason, if you expect your product to be given a lot of abuse, we recommend selecting a different workout vest on this list.

The adjustable side lacing of the Hyper Vest allows the fit to be changed easily to accommodate different body shapes, making this vest an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of users. Its thin profile allows wears to use a full range of motion in their arms and is great for working on core strength.

  • Made in the USA
  • Can be worn under clothing
  • Side lacing for ease of adjustment
  • Moisture-wicking & odor-resistant fabric
  • Includes access to an online exercise directory
  • Capacity for weight adjustment and increase
  • Slim profile for better range of movement
  • Not as heavy-duty as some other vests
  • The high neckline could cause rubbing for some wearers
  • A more expensive vest & additional weights are costly
  • Fabric can rip with heavy use

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#3 – ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vestzfo sports running weight vest

The ZFOsports weighted vest comes with a 40lb load for an excellent resistance workout, whatever your exercise type. Designed to fit snugly to the body and for men and women, it is fully adjustable and is a good choice for people who are just starting out with resistance training.

Although only available in one size, it has been designed to fit the majority of wearers thanks to its Velcro belt fastening, and it comes with some excellent premium features which offer impressive value for money.

Key Features

The ZFOsports vest has been designed with a contoured fit with should padding that stays snug to the body even when performing rigorous workouts, making it a great vest for CrossFit. Designed to be completely adjustable, it has a unisex design and represents an excellent choice for anyone who is a newcomer to weighted vests and who are looking for an affordable and reliable product.

The tight-fitting shape fastens tightly to the torso in order to eliminate any shifting of the weights while undertaking activities.

This shape makes it the perfect weighted vest for running, power walking, vertical jumps or lateral drills.  It is quick and easy to adjust the weights by simply removing or adding the individual weighted bags until you have reached your desired weight. The Velcro belt which is attached to the vest makes it easy to obtain the perfect fit for the individual wearer while ensuring that it remains secure throughout the workout.

The additional premium features include a water bottle holder suitable for containers sized at 16 ounces or smaller and a pocket that is perfect for holding a smartphone or music player.

  • Ideal pocket for holding a music player, smartphone or other small accessories
  • Water bottle holder
  • Snug fit to eliminate weight shifting during rigorous exercise
  • Velcro belt allows for easy and secure adjustments to suit the wearer’s physique
  • Weights can be added or removed to increase or reduce the intensity of the workout
  • Replacement weights are not available for this vest
  • The process of adding to or removing the load is somewhat time-consuming

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#4 – Tone Fitness Female Weighted Vest, 12lbstone fitness weight vest for ladies

Anyone who is looking for a weight vest to add a little extra resistance to a workout without risking going over the top with heavy weights which could cause a potential injury from overstressing the joints, the Tone Fitness weighted vest is the ideal choice.

Designed to add additional strength training to any type of workout such as running, yoga, kick-boxing, walking or any cardio activity. This vest comes complete with some excellent features to improve functionality and safety. Although it comes in just one size, it has been designed so that it can accommodate most physiques and features a strong and durable construction for a long lifespan.

Key Features

This strong and durable weight vest for women has been made from a soft neoprene fabric and well-padded shoulder straps to add additional comfort to your workout. Its single-size design is capable of accommodating a broad range of heights and body shapes due to its adjustable fastening, while the weights are made from sand which will never rust or deteriorate over time.

This vest comes with a fixed amount of weight (12 lbs) already installed inside the vest, and the weights cannot be added, removed or adjusted, which is the main downside to this product.

However 12 pounds is a good volume of weight for many users, and its design means that the weight is evenly distributed and is worn on the back rather than the front, eliminating any potential issues with additional weight around the stomach or chest area.

There is also a convenient pocket attached to the straps which can hold a smartphone or MP3 player while working out as an additional bonus, although this pocket can be removed to suit the wearer’s preference. This vest also features reflective strips to improve the wearer’s safety when running or walking in poor lighting conditions.

  • Accommodates a wide range of heights and body types
  • Comes complete with a pocket to hold a smartphone or MP3 player
  • Features reflective strips to improve safety in the dark
  • Weights are made from sand so will never rust
  • The weights are not adjustable and cannot be added or removed
  • The maximum weight capacity of this vest is 12 lbs which may not be high enough for some users

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#5 – RUNFast Adjustable Weighted Vestrunfast adjustable weighted vest

The RUNFast Max adjustable weighted vest is available in two versions, one which has a maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs and one which holds a maximum of 140 lbs of weight. It is also possible to purchase further weights at a later date to continue to enhance your exercise regime as you become fitter.

This versatile, good value for money weight vest is ideal for use while cross training, strength training or weighted training and comes in a one size design that can accommodate most shapes and sizes of the wearer. This product is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty for the buyer’s peace of mind.

Key Features

This well designed, versatile weight vest can be easily adjusted to accommodate a range of weights in order to improve your resistance and strength training exercise regime. The pockets can either be left empty or filled with weights to add or reduce the weight in the vest, with the minimum amount of weight being 12 lbs.

As the weights can be removed from the pockets, it is possible to reposition them for better weight distribution.

Being able to move the weight position is a great way to improve comfort for the wearer depending on the type of exercise that they are doing. There is also a version of this product available that features shoulder pads for additional comfort.

The durable straps have been designed to withstand even heavy duty use outdoors or in a home gym. This vest fits better on users who are of average height or above, since the torso may be too long and the fit may be too separated for anyone with a smaller frame.

  • The load can be removed or added to suit the needs of the wearer
  • The load can be re-positioned for better comfort or weight distribution
  • Optional shoulder pads can improve comfort of wear
  • Durable straps for a long lifespan
  • Not ideal for anyone who is shorter than average due to the length of the torso
  • Quite a bulky design which cannot be worn under clothing discreetly

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If you make the right choice of weight vest to suit your individual needs, you can add an extra dimension to your workout and improve your fitness level, cardiovascular health, muscular strength and improve your bone density exponentially. Whether you are new to resistance training or whether you are looking to take your existing regime to the next level, you are sure to feel the benefit of using this useful piece of exercise equipment.

What To Look For In A Weight Vest

When trying to find the best weighted vest, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind in order to make the right choice to suit you. And just like weightlifting shoes designed for women, there are many benefits in selecting a vest created for females.

Here are some of the key points to consider:


The quality of your weight vest is probably the most important factor to bear in mind when choosing a product. You don’t want to choose a vest that will break before you’ve got plenty of use out of it, so you should always ensure that the vest you’re choosing is capable of standing up to the rigors of a serious workout. Check which material has been used to make the outside of the vest and that it is both tear and sweat resistant. This is because sweat causes bacterial build up on the fabric which is then transferred back to the skin, getting into the open pores and causing irritation. You should also check that the weights have been made from either neoprene or a coated metal to protect them from rust.


If you want to get the best benefit from your ladies weighted vest, you need it to be adjustable. If you can add or reduce the weights in it, that can be very beneficial for your workout regime. You may want to reduce the load for one form of exercise, but then add extra for another. Being able to accomplish this will make your vest better value for money. Also, consider how quickly and easily weights can be added or removed as this can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your workout.

woman running in weighted vest


What kind of accessories can you add to your chosen vest? Is there a pouch to hold your music player, phone or gloves? Does it have a sweat-resistant sleeve to fit under it? Does it have a reflective strip for better safety if running at night? Is it available in a choice of colors? These features can add to the versatility of your weight vest.

Comfort And Fit

You should always consider how well the vest fits you and whether it feels comfortable when worn. While you may not place a high value on the comfort of your work out gear, a proper fit is essential to allow you to focus on the workout.


You must check how much your chosen vest weighs on its own and the amount of weight which is supplied with it. Take care that you don’t overestimate the amount of weight you can handle and make the mistake of purchasing a vest which is too heavy for you. You should also ensure that the weights are distributed evenly or can be repositioned in order to adjust for balance and comfort. You should also make sure you are choosing a vest which suits your fitness level – choose one that is too light, and your workout will be of no benefit, but choose one which is too heavy, and you might injure yourself.


A weighted vest can be a great asset to your training arsenal. Whether you are hiking, fire department training, military training or want to improve your health generally, adding these extra pounds to your body can help. We recommend the MiR vest but if your objectives are different, you may opt for another product.  It’s important to take into account your preferences for comfort, style and body type.

To get the most from your fitness gear, its important to also incorporate the right nutrition. This is crucial to promote efficient muscle growth and bone health.