bowflex revolution

As we all know, exercising regularly will lead to overall better health. Doctors and physicians are always emphasizing the importance of regular exercise. If you’re a busy person, there is the problem of finding time to exercise. Not everybody has time to travel to a gym and then spend one or two hours in there exercising.

More and more people are investing in working out at home which means purchasing home gym equipment. This gives them the convenience of working out when they want and also exercising more efficiently. For example, they’re not wasting time traveling to a gym and waiting for equipment to be available.

But traditional home gyms are bulky and require a lot of floor space. This is where Bowflex have really changed things with their line of home gym equipment and bowflex machines. Today we are looking at the Bowflex Revolution which is the latest and most innovative in the Bowflex range.


The Bowflex Revolution is a foldable, compact and yet high-tech home gym. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Ability to do over 100 exercises
  • 300lb weight resistance
  • Rowing machine capability
  • Easy to fold away

The Bowflex Revolution is the very top of the line of home workout equipment from Bowflex. So this is also one of the most expensive pieces of home workout equipment that the company offer. The machine provides the most weight resistance out of all the Bowflex models at a whopping 680lbs.

One of the biggest differences between the Revolution and a traditional Bowflex machine is that it uses their SpiralFlex technology. This technology was originally created for Nasa to allow astronauts to exercise in space. Using this technology, the revolution is able to create a type of resistance that feels like free weights. This is most certainly the best you can get.

Bowflex Revolution Folded

Bowflex Revolution Folded

Bowflex Revolution Advantages

  • Compact – The above resolution takes up little space when compared to other workout equipment. It can be placed in the corner of a room and requires a workout space for all exercises of only 10′ x 10′.
  • Exercise variety –┬áTraditionally, home gyms would require you to purchase a range of different equipment to work out your entire body. But the Bowflex Revolution allows you to perform over 100 exercises working out your entire body.
  • Technology –┬áThe Bowflex Revolution utilizes their SpiralFlex technology. This is really cutting edge technology allowing you to exercise like you are using free weights but with far less space requirements.


The Bowflex Revolution does take some learning to get used to. This is because of its versatility and the wide range of exercises that can be performed with it. But this is certainly worth it in the long term. For new gym users, they may find that the resistance levels on the Bowflex Revolution are a little higher than they’re used to. But with a bit of work, they soon get used to it.

If you can afford it, we highly recommend the Bowflex Revolution. It will allow you to have a gym in your home without taking up anywhere near as much space and should keep you working out happily for many years to come.