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//6 Best Women’s Workout Gloves

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Just as you would never imagine going out for a run without the right pair of running shoes, you should never consider weightlifting or strength training without a good quality pair of workout gloves. Whether you’re a regular weightlifter or only train a couple of times a week, you will no doubt recognize how important it is to choose a good pair.

Heavy weights and rough bars can put stress on the wrists and hands and can cause painful calluses. If you wear the right lifting gloves, your skin will stay smooth, and your wrists and hands will be provided with better support. You will also find that you can even lift more than you were able to without wearing them. In this helpful guide, we look at how to choose a pair of gym gloves to match your individual needs which will enable you to take your weight training up to the next level.

Here are some of the top-performing women’s weightlifting/workout gloves on the market today:

Top 5 Weightlifting Gloves For Women

 Women's Gloves  Review

RIM Sports Gym Gloves
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A great all-round pair. Breathable and lightweight.

Harbinger Women's FlexFit Weightlifting Gloves
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Offer unparalleled flexibility and great comfort.

RDX Gym Weight Lifting Gloves
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Sturdy gloves from a well-known brand in weightlifting.

GoFit Women's Pro Sport-Tac Workout Gloves
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A tough sturdy belt for powerlifters

MIMI Grip Power Pads Women Gym Gloves
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Provide an extremely strong grip and wrist support.

Fit Four - The Gripper Training Gloves
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Feature a minimalist design for optimum breath-ability and flexibility.

#1 – RIM Sports Gym Glovesrim sports gloves

These are the best workout gloves for women that we found. These stylish and colorful weight training gloves are perfect for all kinds of purposes. Thanks to their lightweight fabric they ensure that your workout will be comfortable. Designed to offer support for the hands and wrists when lifting weights, these versatile gloves can also be used for rowing, biking cross training and using a wide variety of gym equipment.

Key Features

  • Their non-slip padding ensures impressive traction
  • Made from a breathable fabric ensuring that excessive sweating is less of a problem
  • When wearing these gloves, you will be able to freely move your hands
  • The spandex and 100% leather construction ensures that they will last a long time
  • These gloves can be hand-washed for convenience and ease of maintenance
  • Their Velcro strap has been designed at a diagonal angle to allow the wrists to bend while keeping the gloves firmly in place
  • With a host of sizes and colors to choose from, these attractive gloves are a great choice for anyone who wants to look good in the gym while still being well protected from callouses and blisters
  • Being lightweight makes them great gloves for BodyPump and CrossFit classes.


  • Non-slip padding to the palm guarantees excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces
  • The breathable fabric construction has been designed to wick away moisture for better comfort and dryness
  • Constructed from 100% leather and Spandex fabric for excellent durability and a long lifespan


  • The black dye sometimes comes off when the gloves are wet leaving staining on the hands
  • The Velcro tab is quite long and may get in the way when lifting weights if you have especially narrow palms

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#2 – Harbinger Women’s FlexFit Weightlifting Glovesharbinger womens workout gloves

Specially designed for the needs of ladies who weight train, these attractive gloves are a practical choice for weightlifting or strength training in the gym. Harbinger are a trusted brand in the weightlifting industry and we highly rate their ladies belt as well as their standard weight lifting gloves. Made from flexible leather and nylon fabric, they are fastened using durable Velcro for a snug and secure fit around the palm. These gloves are lightweight and bend naturally with the hand.  This makes them comfortable to wear throughout your workout.

Key Features

  • These FlexFit workout gloves have been treated with an antimicrobial treatment. This guards against the staining and odor which can be caused as a result of bacteria from sweat.
  • The BiFlex palm has several integrated layers which naturally flex with hand movements
  • They are made from leather which can be machine washed and dried making them practical to use and easy to maintain.
  • These durable workout gloves feature TechGel pads to the thumb and palm. This conforms to the shape of your hand for better cushioning of the key stress points.
  • The glove’s fingers end just below the finger’s first joint to ensure the best possible contact with the surface.
  • They are available in several sizes, so they are sure to fit every woman’s hand.
  • Available in a choice of two stylish colors, these attractive gloves are functional and visually appealing.


  • The BiFlex palm has naturally flexing integrated layers
  • The integrated TechGel pads conform to the wearer’s palm and thumb
  • Anti-microbially treated fabric guards against stains and odors caused by sweat and bacteria


  • The finger holes may be too wide for those with slim hands
  • If you lift heavy weights, the padding may not be thick enough on the palm

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#3 – RDX Gym Weight Lifting Gloves For Womenrdx gym gloves

For ladies who like a little extra sparkle in their workout gear, these attractive and feminine gloves from RDX do not compromise on function while still looking attractive in the gym. Breathable and well padded, these flexible gloves will guard against painful, blistered hands. They are well suited to all types of weightlifting, strength training or CrossFit exercises.

Key Features

  • The specially designed finger loops ensure optimal flexibility for the fingers as well as improving the comfort of wear
  • Made from a high-grade Amara leather paired with Coolmax Lycra for excellent flexibility and durability
  • Designed to be washable for ease of maintenance and great functionality
  • The integrated anatomical pad system helps to strengthen the wearer’s grip on all surfaces
  • The comfortable padding guards against the development of calluses and blisters
  • These weight training gloves are breathable for optimal air circulation to keep the hands cool and moisture free
  • Designed to help reduce hand fatigue
  • Motion Zones have been defined over the wearer’s knuckles as well as Web Zones which are located between fingers. This promotes a more natural hand movement.


  • Well padded palm and thumb area ensures a strong and comfortable grip
  • More natural hand movement is promoted by the Web and Motion zones along with a leather and Lycra fabric construction
  • Easy to maintain and care for thanks to washable design


  • The rhinestone decorations may be considered to be too over the top for ladies who prefer to keep things simple
  • The Velcro strap is quite short and may pop open during movements if the wearer has wide palms

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#4 – GoFit Women’s Pro Sport-Tac Workout GlovesGoFit weightlifting womens gloves

When you need a good quality, comfortable weightlifting glove, this pair from GoFit is a good value option. These gloves are easy to take on and off and are an innovative product designed by experts in health and fitness. They offer an excellent grip and an anatomical fit across the palm. Practical, convenient and long lasting, the Pro Sport-Tac Glove will be popular with ladies who carry out a wide range of strength training exercises.

Key Features

  • These uniquely designed fitness gloves feature an anatomically cut palm for a better and more flexible fit to the hand
  • The Sport-Tac tacky surface across the palm ensures improved grip on all kinds of surfaces for excellent traction and safety
  • The breathable fabric ensures optimal air flow around the hand for reduced moisture and a cooler workout for better comfort
  • Designed to be fully machine washable, these work out gloves are a practical, easy to care for, low maintenance choice
  • The light gel padding to the palm helps to protect the hand from sores, blisters and callouses when working out or lifting weights
  • The palm of the glove also features synthetic leather for excellent durability and a long lifespan as well as great flexibility and comfort
  • There is a pull tab to the middle finger to allow the wearer to quickly and easily remove the exercise gloves without them turning inside out. There is also a pull loop attached to the wrist which allows the wearer to easily pull them onto their hands
  • A Velcro grip to the wrist allows the wearer to tighten the fit more securely to suit their individual hand shape and size


  • These gloves run a little large, and the Velcro fastening may be too wide to accommodate narrower or slim hands
  • May lack sufficient padding for lifting the heaviest weights

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#5 – MIMI Grip Power Pads Women Gym Glovesmimi pink lifting gloves

If you want to improve your grip when lifting weights or to operate gym equipment, the MIMI grip power pads women’s gym gloves are an affordable choice for any keen keep fit woman or girl. With their stylish appearance and feminine appeal, these gloves are easy and comfortable to wear, helping to eliminate the pain that can be experienced from blisters and calluses. You can just toss these in your gym bag and be on your way!

Key Features

  • These women’s workout gloves have attractive pink detailing on the dots and rubberized pads for an additional feminine, stylish touch
  • The rubberized grips ensure excellent traction on weights and surfaces for better security and safety. It also helps to strengthen the wearer’s grip for better lifting ability
  • The padding in this gloves prevent the bar from causing blisters and calluses due to it digging into the hands
  • Simple to put on and take off thanks to the tabs attached to the second and fourth fingers which allows quick and easy dressing and removal
  • Specifically designed for use by ladies, these ladies fitness gloves are the ideal size for smaller female hands
  • There is an extremely strong wrist closure that has been designed to make it simple to adjust the fit to suit the individual wearer’s hand size and shape
  • These gloves are protected by a manufacturer’s 60-day satisfaction money back guarantee. They will also be replaced within one year should they wear out too quickly
  • Breathable fabric ensures optimal air flow around the hands during wear. This reduces the uncomfortable moisture and heat that can make working out unpleasant


  • Strong wrist closure tab ensures a snug and secure fit around the palm
  • Easy pull tabs on the 2nd and 4th fingers ensure swift and simple putting on and taking off
  • Rubberized grips on the fingers and palms ensure a strong grip and excellent traction on surfaces
  • These gloves can only be hand washed and are not suitable for machine washing. This makes them a little harder to care for
  • The Velcro tab to the wrist is quite strong and can be difficult to adjust, especially mid-workout

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#6 – Fit Four – The Gripper Training Glovesfit four gripper training gloves

If you need to invest in some suitable hand protection for use in the gym while strength training or weightlifting, but dislike the feel of wearing full finger length gloves when working out, the Gripper Callus Guard gloves are ideal for your needs. Designed to improve your grip without affecting your mobility, these high-quality gloves keep your hands cool while enabling you to enjoy a pain-free workout.

Key Features

  • Made from a mix of Silicone, Lycra, Synthetic Leather and Microfiber, these lightweight gloves have been designed to be durable and long lasting without weighing your down
  • These crossfit gloves are versatile enough to wear for a wide range of gym-based activities such as using kettle bells, rope climbing, cross training, weightlifting and using hanging bars
  • The enhanced hexagonal silicone grip on the palm move independently and ensure that your hand will not rip or slip on the bar for better comfort, performance and safety
  • The minimalist four finger coverage design has been patented by the manufacturer. This allows those who dislike the feel of a full finger glove to protect their hands without losing sensation and touch
  • The compression fit ensures a snug, comfortable and supportive fit
  • Available in several sizes, there is sure to be a pair to suit every size of hand
  • These gloves are very quick and easy to put on and take off thanks to their compact and minimalist design
  • Available in a choice of four different colors, these attractive gloves are visually appealing and stylish
  • These gloves come complete with their own small resealable plastic pouch which is ideal for storage and transportation
  • The design of these gloves ensures that the hand remains cool with excellent air flow for reduced moisture and discomfort through heat
  • The thin padding ensures that the wearer can easily feel the bar or surface that they are using while obtaining more effective protect from calluses than by using bare hands


  • Minimalist design covers only the palm of the hand and up to the first knuckle for effective protection paired with excellent air flow and better comfort
  • The hexagonal textured grips to the palm ensure better traction on the bar and surfaces for better safety
  • Lightweight fabric ensures excellent flexibility, a snug fit and better comfort


  • These gloves may stretch over time causing the fit to become less snug
  • These gloves offer no support or protection for the wrist

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How To Choose The Right Workout Gloves

When it comes to selecting a pair of weightlifting gloves, there is no single pair which suits everyone. Choosing your gloves will be personal to you just when deciding on a pair of shoes. It will depend on the type of exercises you do, the frequency of your training and the level that you are working at. Each pair of gloves will have benefits and features which are uniquely their own, however, if you use a punching bag, cardiovascular machines or free weights, they are a key piece of equipment.

So, what should you keep in mind when choosing gloves?

Glove Fit – For A Safe Workout

You should select gloves which fit snugly without having to stretch over your palm and that also allow your fingers to move comfortably. Remember that they should be tight, but not tight enough to restrict blood circulation to your hands.  A good fit will prevent any slippages when exercising.  Also tight fitting gloves are more likely to rip due to the material already being stretched and weakened even before lifting any weights.

Having a great fitting glove is important for:

  • Comfort
  • Ensure that the gloves will last longer
  • Not restrict blood flow around the hands

Material – Gloves That Last A Long Time

Although there are many different types of material which can be used for the manufacture or weight lifting gloves, the best ones are generally made from either neoprene or leather. This is because they will be more durable in the long run and will offer an improved grip when compared with nylon gloves.  Also as mentioned above, it’s important they they are not too tight to boost the longevity of them.

Our favourite materials for gloves are:

  1. Leather (or a leather & spandex combination)
  2. Neoprene

Wrist Wraps – Comfort When Weightlifting

Many of the best pairs of workout gloves will feature an adjustable in-built wrist wrap that provides extra support to the wrists to reduce pain, soreness and the risk of injury.  If you lifting particularly heavy weight, you may need to look at separate wrist wraps.  These are used by powerlifters to provide additional support to the wrist, as lifting heavy weights can sprain a wrist quite easily.

Finger Length

There are generally three different available finger lengths – ¾ finger, ½ finger and short. If you require extra protection, a pair with a longer finger length is important, however, you should ensure that the length of the glove does not cover the fingertips as they will help to improve breathability and avoid sweat from building up to cause discomfort.  Full finger gloves are also available nowadays too. We recommend these for cold weather or if you are performing exercises that are taxing on the fingertips. For example, if you doing an outdoor CrossFit session.

  • Upon finger design – Normal use
  • Full finger design – Cold environments and fingertip exercises

Cushioning – Workout For Longer

Cushioning and protection for your hands is the main reason for wearing weightlifting gloves, so this is one of the most vital factors to consider. You should also check to ensure that the padding is thick enough to offer protection but not so thick that you cannot feel the training gear. Flexibility and breathability is also key.  Having a thick cushioning is great but not so much if the glove if stiff to move or if your hands are constantly sweating when wearing them.

  • Ensure that the glove has adequate padding
  • Ensure that the padding is breathable
  • Gloves must be flexible and also pass-though feeling from the equipment to the hands

Support – Injury Prevention

Ensure that your chosen gloves will support your wrist and hand effectively. They should also feel natural as this will allow you to maintain the proper position of your palm and wrist as you train or lift heavier weights. Wearing correct fitting gloves can also have a mental affect which can push some people to try harder and lift more weights.

Traction -Better Weightlifting Performance

It important that your hands do not slip over the gym equipment, and the finger part and palm of your chosen gloves should resist abrasion while having good traction.  Glove breathability comes into this also as getting sweat on you outside or inside of your palm while lifting can cause slippages. For this we recommend:

  • A suede or rubber fingers and palm are ideal.
  • Rubber pads are excellent for grip but can often wear out quicker

Conclusion – Which Workout Gloves Are Best For Ladies?

By choosing the right pair of workout gloves to suit your individual preferences, you will be able to enjoy painless, comfortable weightlifting or exercise sessions in the gym.  Many people are able to improve their lifting ability thanks to the additional support their wrists and palms receive.  Also, when it comes to selection gym gloves (just like a weightlifting belt), if you choose the right one, they can stand up to years of abuse in the gym without giving way.

Now you are armed with all of the information you need to make an informed decision, you will be able to select a weightlifting glove that fits your desired exercise style.

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