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Whether it be Christmas or a birthday, there is always a reason to give a gift that is rapidly approaching. It’s likely you’re searching for the perfect gift for everyone in your life.

Matching gifts to people’s personalities or getting them gifts you know they’ll use is always the best thing to do. However, it’s not always easy especially when you’re shopping for a particular type of person like a bodybuilder or a gym lover.

They have specific wants and needs that the average person might not understand. If you’re shopping for a weightlifter or powerlifter and need help figuring out what to get them, this gift guide can give you some ideas to make your search a little easier.

The Bodybuilder Gift Christmas List

Before looking at specific products you have to understand how a bodybuilder thinks. When it comes to Christmas gifts this is as simple as knowing what they’d put on their Christmas list. Of course, you could always ask the person what they want and buy that, but half the excitement is unexpectedly surprising someone you love with something they want.

Thinking specifically about what a bodybuilder may want or need isn’t as simple as buying them a tub of protein powder or—less personal—handing them a gift card. There are a lot of different things that they would love to get as a gift.

Things like supplements, workout clothes, and different equipment can all make great gifts. Think about things that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves or things that you’ve heard them talk about and they’ve been putting off for some reason. However, if you’re unfamiliar with supplements or equipment, it’s best to talk to someone who knows about them as one brand can differ from another dramatically despite seeming like the same product. If you can, find out what your friend or relative already uses in terms of supplements and equipment and stick to the brands they prefer. This will ensure that you’ll give them a gift you know they’d appreciate and use.

Nutri Bullet Blender SystemNutri Bullet

The bodybuilder in your life most likely makes shakes and smoothies to keep them going throughout their day. This can be a chore but if they have a superior blender like this Nutri Bullet their life will be a lot simpler. They’ll get their daily servings of fruits and vegetables due to its blending ability and easily whip up their protein shakes to take with them to the gym.

This blender system can smoothly and quickly process fruits, vegetables, nuts, and anything else they put in it thanks to its strong 600-watt motor and high-torque power base. It can also shred foods, grind ingredients, and chop things. Along with the blender, they’ll also get three cups (one tall, two short), a flat blade and an emulsifying blade, two lids for the cups, two lip rings, a pocket nutritionist, a recipe book, and user manual.

According to users, the Nutri Bullet has a lot to offer. Some of the notable pros are:

  • Ease of use/versatility
  • Dishwasher-safe construction
  • Value of the entire system
  • 1-year warranty

While most users seem to be satisfied with the product, there are some concerns to consider including:

  • Leaks seem to be common
  • Needs replacement parts frequently

Adjustable Dumbbell Weight SetBowflex Dumbbells

If you’re looking to get your loved one weightlifting equipment, consider this adjustable dumbbell set by Bowflex. They offer weight from as low as 5 pounds up to 52 pounds. They can be adjusted in 2.5-pound increments up to 25 pounds allowing one to quickly move from one type of exercise to another. Ultimately, this set merges 15 different weight sets into one system saving your loved one money as well as space since they won’t have to get multiple weight sets to do different things.

With these dumbbells, simply adjust the dial on the weights to increase or decrease the resistance. There is no longer a need to put one weight down to pick up a heavier or lighter one when changing workouts. This makes exercising more efficient and less of a hassle. For additional help, they’ll also have access to a free Bowflex app with trainer-led exercises, making these the best gift for muscle building.

Some of the positive aspects of this product are:

  • Molding around plates lend to smooth, quiet workouts
  • Weight plates and parts come with a 2-year warranty
  • Quality product made by a trusted established brand

The lower points to keep in mind before purchasing these are:

  • Issues with durability
  • Expensive for what is offered

Gym BagUnder Armour Bag

Any weightlifter will tell you that their gym bag has seen better days. Most gym bags are constantly being dragged to and from the gym, thrown in their car, and stuffed full of equipment, food, and clothes. A gym lovers bag takes a lot of abuse and will easily break down from constant use. Consider get this gift for gym rats so they can replace their tattered workout bag.

This bag by Under Armour features a water-resistant finish, abrasion-resistant sides and bottom, and a padded shoulder strap and top-grab handle to make it more comfortable to carry even when it’s weighted down with their gear. There are also multiple compartments including a vented pocket for gym gear, a mesh pocket, and a zippered organizational pocket to hold various items.

The duffle bag is actually the third version of Under Armour’s trusted bag featuring updates based on user suggestions and industry innovations. It comes in different sizes so there is something for everyone.

Some of the positive attributes of this gym bag are:

  • Fits plenty of things with room to spare
  • Material is easy to wash by hand
  • Withstands constant use without damage

Some customers complained about a few things including:

  • Shoe compartment too small
  • Zippers broke quickly
  • Not as good as previous versions of the bag

A Tank Top

While equipment and supplements are nice, sometimes your bodybuilding buddy could use new workout clothes to keep them looking their best in the gym. These are practical gifts that are great if you’re on a budget and can’t splurge on expensive items.

A simple tank top can go a long way. It allows for more movement during workouts and can be more comfortable than short sleeve t-shirts that can make some people feel too hot. Let’s face it, they also give your hardworking friend an opportunity to show off their muscles.

This cotton top is made of medium fabric for comfort and breathability to help the wearer feel cool while they exercise. It comes in a wide range of sizes from small to double extra large, features a solid color design (available in different colors), and is completely machine washable.

According to people who have bought the tank top, there are some notable pros including:

  • High-quality materials
  • Doesn’t fit tight (shirts run big)
  • Won’t shrink in the wash

Some of the less-than-stellar aspects of this shirt include:

  • A loose fit can expose women’s chests
  • Issues with quality consistency

Adidas Tiro 13 Tapered Training PantsAdidas Tiro Training Pants

These training pants from Adidas are meant to keep the wearer cool and dry as they work out. They’re made of comfortable double-knit polyester and feature an elastic waist with a mesh insert and a drawstring tie. There are also front-zip pockets, ribbing on the legs, and Adidas’s signature three stripes along the pants legs.

They are made to fit close to the body as to not interfere in exercises making them ideal for athletes who are constantly moving. They come in various sizes and colors and are machine washable.

Some of the notable pros of these pants are:

  • Zippers on calves allow for better movement
  • Size chart seems to be accurate
  • Quality design and construction from a trusted brand

There might be some issues including:

  • Short inseams not suitable for taller people
  • Material isn’t stretchy like other athletic pants
  • Zippers broke too easily

Under Armour Training ShortsUnder Armour Shorts

These shorts by Under Armour will also make a great gift. They are made to comfortable and breathable while also wicking away sweat so the wearer stays cool and dry as they exercise. Available in a wide range of sizes, these training shorts are made to fit loosely to provide comfort and allow for better movement, too. More so, the shorts offer sun protection through the UPF 30+ material. While the shorts aren’t lined, they do feature mesh pockets, an internal drawstring, and an encased elastic waistband.

Some of the pros worth mentioning are:

  • Streamlined, no-fuss aesthetic
  • Comfortable, soft material
  • Good fit for larger people

While the benefits are noteworthy, so are some of the issues with the shorts including:

  • Lack of ventilation
  • Pockets are too deep
  • Comparatively expensive

Workout Compression T-ShirtUnder Armour HeatGear Compression Shirt

Compression t-shirts are great for bodybuilders looking for their clothes to offer some support. This particular shirt by Under Armour is meant to fit tight to feel like a second skin. It features a four-way stretchable design that is meant to provide a better range of motion while still remaining tight to the body. The material is 100 percent polyester that is lightweight and soft but can melt in extreme heat posing a risk to the wearer in these instances.

In addition to the compression and comfort of the shirt, it also features a moisture transport system that will wick away sweat to keep the wearer dry and cooler than other shirts. Anti-odor technology also helps it smell fresh and prevents microbes from growing and causing odors, making it great gift for a bodybuilder boyfriend.

Some of the advantages of this shirt, according to users, are:

  • Keeps wearer cooler than other shirts
  • Compression causes a slimming effect

However, not everyone has been satisfied with the product. Some of the complaints include:

  • Poor quality material deteriorated quickly
  • Didn’t keep some as cool as others reported

Wireless HeadphonesWireless Earphones

Most people love listening to music while they work out. It keeps them motivated and moving while also helping them tune out the outside world. A good pair of wireless headphones can be useful since it’ll allow your bodybuilding loved one to listen to their favorite songs without worrying about headphone wires getting in their way.

These SoundPEATS earphones offer up to eight hours of music, 100 hours of standby time, and are compatible with iPhones and Androids. They use Bluetooth technology, feature magnets to hold the earbuds together when not in use, and take anywhere from an hour to two hours to fully charge with a USB adaptor. They are the perfect gift for gym-goers.

Some of the advantages of these headphones are:

  • Comfort fit from silicone materials and an ergonomic design
  • Sweat resistant to ensure they work even during outdoor workouts
  • In-line buttons and microphone for controlling volume and answering calls
  • Noise-canceling technology blocks out external sounds
  • Great customer service from the company

The issues that some had with the headphones are:

  • Bluetooth connection drops frequently
  • Some pairs broke after a short amount of time
  • Buttons stopped responding quickly

Weightlifting ShoesAdidas Powerlift 3.1 Shoes

If your powerlifter loved one is serious about their lifting, which they obviously are, a good pair of weightlifting shoes can be invaluable to them. These particular shoes are made specifically for weightlifting. They are extra wide which will let the foot spread properly while lifting. They also have a flexible toe for comfort and maneuverability and a synthetic leather top for improved durability and ankle support.

For stability during lifting, there is also a secure lace closure, mid-foot strap, and wedged mid-sole. The shoe is quite breathable, too, featuring a mesh collar, tongue, and interior lining to allow for better airflow. They are a great gift for powerlifters.

Some users noted advantages including:

  • Allows for deeper squats
  • Provides support to prevent injuries

Other users weren’t as satisfied and noted some downsides including:

  • Velcro straps interfere with the laces causing laces to fray
  • Shoes seem to run small (by about a half-size)

Read more about gym shoes here

Foam RollerFoam Roller

A good foam roller can make your bodybuilding loved one extremely happy this holiday. They’re made to help muscles recover from strenuous workouts and to provide some pain relief while also improving flexibility for some. They’re inexpensive and incredibly beneficial for bodybuilders and powerlifters.

TriggerPoint GRID foam rollers are constructed out of a hollow, rigid core with a multi-density foam exterior that is said to not break down or lose its shape over time. They’re used by massage therapists, trainers, and coaches for their therapeutic benefits like triggering blood and oxygen flow.

Some of the pros of this particular roller are:

  • Larger rollers support up to 500 pounds while the Mini model supports up to 250 pounds
  • Improves flexibility, circulation, joint pain, and general muscle tension

Some concerns regarding this foam roller are:

  • Knockoffs sold often; purchase from a verified source
  • Exterior grid is too hard for some (has caused bruises)

Pull Up/Dip BeltHarbinger Dip Belt

If you’re loved one has plenty of dumbbells but you still would like to get them a piece of useful equipment, consider a sturdy weighted dip belt that can be used for dips and pull-ups. This specific model by Harbinger is made of a sturdy polypropylene that is secured to a chain with strong steel grommets. It’s made complete with a carabiner mechanism to attach weights to it.

It’s made to provide support while still remaining comfortable so it can be used confidently during workouts. With this particular belt, you won’t have to worry about knowing your loved one’s size since it’s fully adjustable and made to fit all.

According to useful user reviews, some of the bright points worth noting are:

  • Great value for the price
  • Can withstand a lot of weight
  • Long-lasting, sturdy design

Some of the negative aspects of the belt are:

  • May slip out of place when used with heavy weights
  • The chain broke for some users over time

Vortex Portable MixerVortex Portable Mixer

Bodybuilders love their protein shakers. This portable mixer by Vortex takes those shakers t the next level. This comes with a small rechargeable motor that can be charged with a micro-USB cable (comes with the mixer). It’s lightweight and quiet while still being powerful and efficient. The mixer is also easy to clean by adding warm water and a small bit of dishwashing liquid and turning on the mixer. It will break up any lumps left behind from their protein shake.

The integrated storage pod is meant to hold the supplement powder before the mixer is activated to mix everything together with the simple push of a button. State-of-the-art seals stop any leaks from the mouthpiece, too. The mixer can also be used for other things including mixing scrambled eggs, pancake batter, bulletproof coffee, and similar recipes. Overall, the mixer aims to keep the micronutrient integrity of the supplement powders intact for the best nutritional performance and the best taste.

Some of the notable pros of this mixer are:

  • 1-year warranty with purchase
  • Can drink while storage pod is still on
  • Recharges fully in about 90 minutes
  • Portable and convenient

While the mixer is well-liked, there are some cons including:

  • Power button sticks easily after some time
  • Powder still clumps up at times during mixing

Kitchen ScalesKitchen Scales

While you may think that every bodybuilder would only love gifts that help them work out more efficiently, they will also love kitchen gadgets that help them eat properly. Kitchen scales like this one by Ozeri can help them measure out their food so they can track their calories and macronutrients while they prepare their food.

This specific battery-powered scale is easy to use and is able to weigh foods up to 11.24 pounds using 0.05-ounce increments. It also features different units of measurements allowing conversions between grams, pounds, ounces, and milliliters that are displayed in the clear LCD screen. Uniquely, this scale can also subtract the weight of a container from the food automatically by using the precision tare button.

People who use the scale note the following pros:

  • Can accommodate larger bowls and foods
  • Refined chrome finish is aesthetically pleasing
  • Provides immediate and accurate measurements
  • Inexpensive yet a high-quality item

While most feedback is positive, there are some complaints including:

  • Readings fluctuate noticeably as the scale gets older
  • The display is can be hard to read when measuring larger items

Thick Bar GripsFat Gripz

Even if your bodybuilding loved one already has arms strong enough to uproot trees, chances are they will continue to build up their arm strength. Thick bar grips like Fat Gripz can help them in their efforts. These are thick wraps that they can put around their free weights or cable attachments/handles to increase their diameter. It’s been proven that bars with larger diameters lead to more muscle activation that then leads to greater gains. By giving your loved one these grips, you’ll be helping them bolster their arm strength without buying them the standard set of weights.

These specific grips are used by professional athletes, military operatives, UFC fighters, and champion bodybuilders. They are made using a military-grade compound that is close in makeup to industrial rubber making them durable enough to withstand constant use. The grips help people who may be able to lift heavy weights but have poor grip strength allowing them to push themselves further than they could before.

People who purchased the Fat Gripz are pleased noting the following pros:

  • Durable enough for daily use
  • Fits most standard size bars and dumbbells
  • Helps prevent elbow pain during lifts

There were some disadvantages worth considering including:

  • Caused wrist pain in people
  • Felt uncomfortable for some
  • Inconvenient to put them on

Food Storage and Meal Management BagFood Storage and Meal Management Bag

Bodybuilders’ diets are just as important as their workout routines. To help them in their efforts, consider getting them a good meal prep set. These storage containers and bag by Isolator Fitness make a great gift for those who cook their meals in advance and pack them up for work, school, or general travel. The set includes six stackable food containers in various sizes, ice packs to maintain freshness, and the carrying bag that fits up to three of the larger (38-ounce) containers.

The bag features a padded shoulder strap for extra comfort as well as a handle for those who prefer to carry their bags in their hands. The two leak-proof ice bricks are meant to be slipped into a pocket in the bag so the food stays fresh while on the move. The bag itself comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the stitching and zippers.

Some of the positive aspects of the set are:

  • Containers are durable, leak-resistant, microwave/dishwasher safe, and freezable
  • The bag has accessible exterior pockets for non-perishable items or personal items
  • Insulated bag and ice bricks can keep food cold for up to 16 hours
  • Additional accessories available for purchase if desired

With so many positive points it’s hard to imagine any negatives but some have been reported including:

  • The bag isn’t as durable as advertised and needs to be handled gently
  • Off-brand containers don’t fit in the bag as well as ISO containers do
  • Slightly on the expensive side when compared to similar products

Portable Dip BarsLebert Portable Dip Bars

If you’re buying a gift for someone who has more space in their home for larger pieces of equipment, a dip bar can be a great addition to their collection of equipment. This bar by Lebert Fitness is a portable, yet sturdy model that they can use to strengthen their core and arms with their own bodyweight. It offers a full-body workout that will not only help them build muscle but also to burn fat through dips, pushups, pull-ups, L-sits, and more.

This model is lightweight and easy to assemble while also being sturdy enough to support up to 400 pounds. More so, the XL version of this bar is three inches taller making it ideal for taller people. There are also foam grips to help prevent fatigue and discomfort while also providing friction. An instructional DVD is included to help those who may prefer some guidance in their workouts.

People who bought this note the following positive points:

  • Easy to set up and move around
  • More stable than similar portable bars

Like anything else, there are some cons worth mentioning including:

  • Narrow bars aren’t ideal for most
  • Bars can feel unstable for over-the-bar exercises
  • Not considered suitable for advanced movements

Wrist StrapsRip Tones Wrist Wraps

Another great accessory for the bodybuilder in your life is wrist straps like these by Rip Toned. They help improve grip strength and allow the user to increase their weight limit by providing additional support. They’re also useful for people recovering from an injury who may need some help getting back to full strength. These Rip Toned straps are adjustable and also machine washable for easy maintenance. They can be used with barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, and similar equipment.

The straps are easy to attach and detach allowing you to transition from one exercise to another with ease. It’s great for everything from powerlifting to CrossFit. While there are a lot of wrist straps on the market, if you’re looking to give a quality gift that will last, these are the better choice.

Some of the pros noted are:

  • Strong stitching prevents fraying
  • Endorsed by powerlifter Kevin Weiss
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • More durable than cotton straps

The cons that might hold you back from making a purchase are:

  • Not useful for deadlifts over 500 pounds
  • Poor customer service when trying to remedy problems

Body Measuring Tape + Body Fat CalipersBody Fat Calipers

A more out-of-the-box gift for bodybuilders is a body measuring and fat caliper set. Fitness-minded people are constantly tracking their progress and recording their measurements to see how they’re improving over time. This set by Lift Heavy Fitness comes with a standard measuring tape and fat calipers but they’ll also get a downloadable chart to help them track their measurements to see how they’re progressing.

These tools are easy to use and quite affordable so if you’re on a budget but are still looking to get something for your bodybuilding friend or relative, this set is a decent choice. It also makes a great gift for personal trainers since they can use it with their clients.

While these items are straightforward, there are some benefits including:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Comes with storage bag

Some users, however, weren’t as satisfied with this set and cited the following issues:

  • Measurements don’t seem very accurate
  • Expensive when compared to other products
  • Consistent shipping problems including missing items

Supplements/Weight GainersGold Standard Whey

What bodybuilder wouldn’t love a bottle of their favorite protein powder or weight gainer? While you may want to stick to their favorite brand, this particular supplement by Optimum Nutrition is one of the best on the market making it a great gift. This is 100 percent whey protein and comes in 20 different flavors. It contained 24 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs, and 4 grams of glutamine in each serving making it the perfect protein shake for before or after a workout.

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most trusted and effective brands in the supplement game so you can be sure that you’re giving your loved one a quality product that will work. Not only will they get plenty of protein but the amino acids in the formula will help feed their muscles and allow the protein to be used by them properly. The protein, amino acids, and glutamine are pure and naturally occurring instead of chemically produced making this a better option than other similar products.

Some of the pros worth mentioning are:

  • Variety of flavors to suit everyone
  • Mixes well even when combined with other powders
  • Affordable when compared to similar products

Negative issues that have come up are:

  • Concerns about the formula changing from prior previous batches
  • An artificial sweetener is used to enhance some flavors
  • Taste of some flavors is unpleasant
  • Reports of diarrhea from some users

George Foreman GrillGeorge Foreman Grill

You’re likely already familiar with the George Foreman Grill, but not many realize that it’s a great gift for the bodybuilder on your Christmas list. This particular, larger model is 72 square inches and can make five servings of food at a time. As bodybuilders need their protein, this portable grill can easily allow them to cook up multiple portions of their favorite meat at a time. More so, it’s easy to clean thanks to the non-stick, removable, dishwasher-safe grill plates. Your loved one can happily cook without worrying about eating too much fat thanks to the sloping nature of the grill that drains away the fat while leaving behind the lean protein.

The George Foreman Grill has been a popular kitchen tool for years and it doesn’t show signs of decline as each new model has improvements that make it more convenient and efficient. In this new model, the plates have been upgraded with a ceramic coating that makes it, not only non-stick but also more durable and stain-resistant. Besides the grill and the plates, they’ll also get a drip tray that will catch the excess fat extracted from the meat to make cleanup even easier.

While the benefits of this grill are well-documented, some users noted the following pros:

  • Plates live up to their non-stick claim
  • Great for grilling as well as for Paninis
  • Ideal for quick meals or for meal prepping

Some of the cons that you may want to consider before buying this grill are:

  • Grill doesn’t really fit as much as advertised
  • Grease cakes up on the hinges
  • Bottom plate gets hotter than top

As you can see, there are a lot of different things you can get your favorite bodybuilder for Christmas. Whether they’ve told you what they’re looking for or you’re looking to surprise him, be sure to check out these great products or use them to start your own search for similar items. Remember, be sure to read user reviews and product descriptions carefully so you know that you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.