Harbinger is a brand that was founded in 1988 and is well known for its manufacturing of fitness equipment. The company specifically focuses on creating products for weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit. They also produce these accessories in a number of different sizes and styles and so here we have a belt aimed at the female market.

The Harbinger women’s weightlifting belt features lightweight foam core padding and an outer nylon strap that is fixed into place with velcro around a hook and loop system. Being 5 inches in width, it is an inch thicker than the standard 4-inch similarly styled belts on the market.

The core is black in color but the outer band is available in three different colors. These are pink, violet, and dark red. It features a soft and breathable lining, and the tensioning buckle is manufactured from heavy gauge steel featuring a steel roller. There are sizes are available in the Harbinger women’s belts which are medium, small, and extra-small. This belt is listed as one of our best weightlifting belts for women.

Harbinger Womens Belt Open


The main material on the Harbinger weight belt is its lightweight foam padding which gives it a soft feel to the touch and body. This also has a tricot lining which is designed to aid in muscle warmth when lifting. This is certainly one of the softer belts that I have tested out.

If the belt is worn tightly, it doesn’t leave a lasting impression on the foam cushioning meaning that it seems to be made from a decent-quality material. The heavy gauge steel roller buckle didn’t show any sign of bending during my use of it and the velcro held just fine when under pressure and load.

Lifting Performance

As you may know, the purpose of a weight belt is not only to support the lower back. They provide stability to the core by helping to create intra-abdominal pressure when the abdomen is pushed up against it. Here’s how the Harbinger foam core belt performed during some strength training exercises:


When initially unracking the barbell, the additional torso stability can be felt wearing the belt. For medium weights, the belt does its job well. But when it came to the heavier weights, I couldn’t help but compare it to my trusty Inzer which is very thick and rigid. If you’re a powerlifter or intend to do heavy squats, it’s best to consider a full-blown leather belt.


This is great for light to medium deadlifting. Thanks, it’s flexibility, there isn’t any concern about it pinching the lower ribs. If you want to get into a deadlift quickly without spending a lot of time tinkering to get the right fit, this is a very good choice. But as above, if you are a seasoned weightlifter and are going heavy, go for a leather product.

Clean and Press

This is always a tricky one to review as it contains a few different movements. For power cleans or the clean and press in a CrossFit scenario, it’s a great choice. If you are doing some Olympic lifting then it may not be the best option. Go for something stiffer.


At first glance, the Harbinger lifting belt might appear to be thin and perhaps flimsy. But in fact, it is actually very robust, well-built, and durable. This is due to 2 things. The sturdy outer banding (which comes in a different color) provides an excellent level of support around the midsection.

Harbinger Womens Belt Velcro

The belt is very easy to get on thanks to the buckle and roll clip. Using the hook and loop enclosure, simply place the nylon support strap around the roller buckle and then pull until you get your desired midsection fit. Speaking of tightness, this is a very easy belt to get remarkably tight so there is no messing around trying to get that feeling of security in the gym.

One thing to note, is when it comes to velcro belts. Velcro does have a lifespan so this will eventually get weak. It won’t last a lifetime as traditional leather belts with a buckle might.

While it’s made from an abrasion-resistant fabric, eventually the padding and tricot will also become worn with excessive use. Again, because it is soft it won’t last as long as a hardcore leather powerlifting belt.


When wearing the Harbinger belt, it feels very comfortable and yet supportive enough at the same time. Because the outer band is not particularly wide, it does not hinder your flexibility and mobility like a thick leather or padded leather powerlifting belt might.

You have the full range of motion available to easily crouch down for deadlifts or for any CrossFit exercises. The lightweight and breathable nature of the material also makes it very easy to move around and wear for extended periods of time.

We did find that the belts can sometimes slip a little during extremely intense workouts especially if you are sweating a lot. Over an extended period, it may require a little more adjustment than some other belts. This is likely due to the outer band being thinner than that of other belts.

Harbinger Womens Belt Front

Thanks to the design and being very comfortable, this belt will not pinch or have an awkward fit in any way. The sizing also works well as each size fits a wide range of waist sizes. When it comes to getting the belt off again, it is very simple. You just have to undo the velcro pull strap and then pull it through the buckle. Then it’s lightweight enough to be folded or rolled up and placed into a gym bag, taking up very little room.


The belt is priced reasonably and is at a similar level to others on the market. When you consider that there are belts made by unknown brands within the same price range, it is actually a good deal. Given the build quality design and use of materials compared to others at the same price point, it is worth picking up.

Final Thoughts

This is a good value-for-money product. I particularly liked the extra thickness and the security that the velcro strap offered. It’s also super comfortable. But this comfort comes at the cost of long term durability when compared to a leather belt.

We highly recommend this belt from a well-trusted brand to anyone doing CrossFit or requiring extra support when doing amateur weightlifting. If you want comfort more than stability, this Is a good choice. If you are a powerlifter lifting extremely heavy weights you probably need an extra stable belt. So we recommend a thick leather belt instead.

Harbinger Womens Weight Lifting Belt


Build quality







  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Folds away easily


  • Less supportive than larger belts