How To Wear A Weightlifting Belt


It's very common to see someone wearing a weightlifting belt, especially in any competitive strength sports, such as powerlifting or strongman competitions. Lifters can be most often seen doing squats and deadlifts while belted. But if you ask someone in the gym the reasons for wearing a belt, you will get a bunch of different [...]

Picking The Right Weightlifting Belt


Picking The Right Weightlifting Belt Choosing the right weightlifting belt can seem like a huge task.  Do you go for real leather or a vegan belt? Neoprene or velcro?  Then there's the fastening type to decide on.  Single prong or double prong or even lever.  Then there's also the thickness.  10mm, 13mm or a [...]

What Is The Purpose Of A Weight Belt?


We've all probably seen powerlifters on TV, on YouTube or even in the gym wearing a belt.  Sometimes doing completely inappropriate exercises whilst wearing one, like sit-ups, for example. Many people believe that weight belts are used to support the back and help to reduce the chance of injury.  This is quite true, but a better [...]