Benefits Of Gaining Weight & Building Muscle


When taken at face value bulking up, gaining weight and building muscle is believed to be nothing more than an aesthetic thing. While this is partially true, there are a lot of other good reasons to build up your muscle mass and get that muscular body that so many fitness enthusiasts work toward. Besides the [...]

The Top Supplements To Get Lean


Your quest for a lean physique and developing those perfect six-pack abs isn’t an easy one. You’re eating right, doing your core exercises, and trying to do everything you can in order to achieve that toned look you see in bodybuilding magazines. For all your efforts, you might not be seeing the exact results you [...]

The Benefits Of Olympic Weightlifting


Olympic Weightlifting has been a feature of every Olympic game since 1920. It was first introduced in the year 1896 and reappeared again in 1904, as far the Olympic games are concerned. The fact that is has been an Olympic regular speaks volumes about its effectiveness and popularity and for good reason. It is also [...]

Hip Flexors


Many instructional workout videos refer to the term "hip flexors". It creeps into the workout and even into the precautionary statements. But what's all the fuss about this particular muscle group? Why are they more important, than many other muscle groups? What causes hip flexor strains? And finally, what are the best exercises or stretches [...]

Reverse Hyperextension Alternatives


Reverse hyperextensions have long been a very effective exercise that strengthens the posterior chain including the glutes and hamstrings. Although conventionally, this accessory movement is performed on a reverse hyperextension machine, there are many ways this can be performed without a specific one. The importance of this exercise lies in the fact that it trains and [...]

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